Friday, July 22, 2011

Updating Wardrobe While Saving

After my accupunture session I noticed Plato's Closet across the street; Plato's Closet is a store that sells and buys used clothes. Most of these clothes are name brand and barely wore and with the recession it's a great way to save and gain money. The clothes are seperated by brand name from Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Abercrombie and Finch to Guess, Hollister, Bebe, Areopostale, Wet Seal ect. Besides clothes they have jewelry, shoes and purses. The best way to stay in style or to become a fashinista is updating your clothing regularly. At Plato's Closet you can gain revenue from selling your own name brand then you can take that money and buy newer clothes. The place that I think is best to shop at is Ross; they have name brands for half the price. Most shirts are 8.99-20.99 depending at which brand. Also, Target has some great buys especially the name brand Xhilaration. The best places are bargain stores because they have a variety of style at low pricies; you can find the same type of clothes from Forever 21 at Ross and Target. Also, always shop during sales; you should never pay full price but make sure the material is quality. This is why I adore H&M because they sell tailored clothes for reasonable prices. Lastly, don't forget about online shopping such as,,,, and

The "Fashionable" Phoenix

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