Friday, October 3, 2014

Chatting 101: Intern Lunch with CEO Michael Elliot

This morning, all of the ONE Campaign interns were invited to an intern lunch with the CEO, Michael Elliot. The lunch was insightful and Mr. Elliot discussed some of the things college professors may not hone in on when talking about success in your career. Elliot's mentions three important things that seem to be overlooked, but they make a big difference in your career choices. He said, sweat the small stuff, luck is important and remember to pay the rent/mortgage.

Sweating the small stuff is understanding the little things that will be important to you in the workplace. The small things include the size of your workplace(large or small company), the timing of your commute, work attire and what you want your office to look like. These so called "small things" could make or break a job choice. It's almost the same things you think about when choosing a college. It's similar to wanting a small classroom setting, choosing live close to campus and wanting to be at a campus, which has activities nearby. It's the exact things that make you choose one college over the other. These small things that people overlook can be the reason they may loathe their job or they feel as though they don't fit it.

Secondly, luck also known as coincidence. My supervisor discussed this with me yesterday. How it was luck when I asked about her job. Sometimes you meet the right person and they can open your eyes to a world wind of opportunities. My proffesor told me you have to be ready when you see an opportunity. Mr. Elliot added, that not only luck would get you to your next opportunity, but also being prepared. This personally resonated with me because there are plenty of times there's an opportunity being offered, but the timing of not having your life in order can stifle it. You can be so close, but you're missing other experiences that will make you the perfect fit for a job. Be prepared for the next opportunities you want and own your opportunities and be exceptional in the job you currently have. That's when luck happens, when you're ready to receive your next task in life because you are prepared to tackle it based on your past experiences.

Lastly, pay your rent/mortgage. This one is in my opinion most important because you always need to have your priorities in order. You can not fall behind in this area because it may put a hold or a burden on other tasks. But I also believe you shouldn't let the lack of money influence your dreams so much until they never become a reality.

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