Friday, April 13, 2012


I have had a limited amount of money for the past two weeks, which changed my food habits drastically. Because organic food is expensive and cheap food causes every sickness known to man. Well, "sickness known to man," that's my opinion, but I am sure there are facts to prove it.

Last Tuesday
I ate a cheese pizza from Pizza Hut. I didn't have snacks and it was so good, especially the cheese.

On Wednesday
I had frozen ground turkey and it was taking forever to thaw out. I was starving, as I looked at the Hong Kong menu in the kitchen. I have attended Florida A&M for three years and I have never called for delivery. I ordered steamed chicken and broccoli but the order was not steamed. I waited thirty minutes to literally stuff my face. I refuse to Ever, Ever do that again. The next day I felt sluggish; the Chinese food looked nasty. I was having thoughts about processed and foreign meat made to look like chicken. I had no choice and I ate it for breakfast with no sauce but then I felt sick.

On Thursday
I woke up with a stuffy nose and a slight headache.
I ate a veggie burger from the cafe for dinner and it was my first veggie burger. I normally don't eat campus food but I was desperate. The veggie burger was good, really good. I had a side of french fries with an oatmeal raisin cookie. I love cookies and for some reason every since I ran out of condensed milk for my oatmeal I have been craving sugar.

I woke up around 8:30am with a stuffy nose and my head was swirling and swimming I felt unbalanced. I looked in the mirror and my face had no life; it was as if my skin and eyes were dead. There was nothing there and my lips were slightly puffy. I ran out of water but I had enough to make green tea. I'm sipping the tea and trying to become centered. After an hour I check that my face in the mirror, I look rejuvenated. I felt normal again, the swelling had went down. My eyes were more alert. I rook a shower and I started my day early on a friday which is when I have no class.

While walking to the Walgreens I felt itching and slightly annoyed. The fabrics of my jeans rubbing on my skin seemed to be irritating. When I arrived in front of Walgreens the smell of grass punched me on the nose. If was as if someone threw a drink on me and then taunted me right after. I was furious, it was like instant rage. I went inside quickly and the itching stopped and I was relaxed.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Angela Davis Advocates Prison Abolishment

Angela Davis Advocates Prison Abolishment

By Precious Dorch-Robinson

Civil rights and Black power activist Angela Davis spoke at Florida A&M University last week in honor of Women’s History Month.
In her talk, Davis focused on the culture of violence and the prison system, arguing that violence is epidemic in part because our society doesn’t treat its root causes.
“We don’t talk about prevention,” said Davis . “We talk about getting the perpetrator.”
“[Criminals] can stay in prison forever but the problem still proliferates,” Davis said. “We participate in hiding it and it will erupt.”
Commenting that violence continues within the jail system, she added: “Men get punished by the state in prison. Women get punished at home…  Violence starts within the home.”
Davis said that violence within the family is covered up especially when it comes to incest and sex offenders.
“There are some sex offenders who are not included on the registry list,” referring specifically to perpetrators of incest. “So much violence we encounter is in the family. ” By not addressing violence within the family, Davis continued, “it reinforces that danger comes from a stranger.”
Violence within the home spreads out to the workforce, Davis said. “Look at the other modes of violence in police, military, and prisons. We have to find out how to address it. It will not be resolve by sending them to prisons. ”
Davis added: “This is an argument for prison abolition… prison abolition is the next abolition. A world without violence, violence against black boys, intimate violence and state violence.”


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