Thursday, October 10, 2013

Photoshop Playing!

I'm taking the upper level graphics class which teaches Adobe Illustrator, Indesign and Photoshop. My assignment this week was retouching our own photos, which was really fun.

My parents are graphic designers so I grew up watching my father retouch photos and watching my mom design layouts. They graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and they have a company Creations, which specializes in business cards, posters and photo retouching.

One of my friends who is a graphic design student said my photo looked really good. She suggested I practice some more and start charging for retouching photos.

Well this leads up to this post. I will let you guys be the judge of the final product. I welcome tips and suggestions. I appreciate the views even if you don't leave a comment.

The "I'm Designing"Phoenix

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Natural Hair: Reached Goal

I have reached my hair goal ad I didn't really noticed until today looking at my last post about the six month hair growth challenge.

December 2011 my hair was this long                                 Currently my hair is this long         


1. Keep hair moisturized with water if it feels dry.
2. Shampoo and deep condition once a month
3. Hair was keep it medium twists for three weeks then twist out
4.Hair secured with satin bonnet for nightly routine
5. Be patient when detangling and try using Kinky-Curly leave-in conditioner with wide tooth comb.
6. Deep condition once a month with Aubrey Organics Protein Balance Conditioner
7. Live your life, exercise and don't worry it's just hair!

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

March On Washington

Left to Right: Ken Riley, Rattler Quarterback; Eddie Jackson, Sports Historian; Dr. Beverly
Barber, Former Health Chair , Physical Education and Recreation Department; Bobby Lang, Former Rattler Track Coach 

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, Florida A&M University held a forum on Samuel G. Freedman’s book "Breaking the Lines." On August 27th, panelists and moderator discussed the influence of black college football in the civil rights movement.

Freedman is a journalist, author and a Columbia University professor who has written six nonfiction books and he runs his own writing seminar every spring. “Breaking the Lines” is Freeman’s first book on sports.

This book focuses on former FAMU football coach, Jake Gaither and Gambling University’s former football coach Eddie Robinson during the 1967 Orange Blossom Classic. It captures unlikely heroes of the civil rights movement through the eyes of football.

“If you can make a social change through football in the south you can change the world,”said Freedman. “It was a great honor and sacred trust...these athletes and coaches of HBCUs made great contributions to the movement.”

The panelist were Eddie Jackson, sports historian; Ken Riley, rattler quarterback; Bobby Lang, former Rattler track coach, and Dr. Beverly Barber, former chair health, physical education and recreation department.

Eddie Jackson was a 26-year-old journalist during the 1960s and he remembers when the Tallahassee Democrat didn’t cover FAMUs away games. "The press said 'Jake is a good coach but he’s a good black coach'," said Jackson. He said FAMU vs. Gambling University was “the most important game in black college football.”

On November 29, 1969, the first football game between a historically black college and a predominately white university was in Tampa. There were 45,000 to 50,000 people in attendance. “It was a lot for us as a people to have won that game,” said Dr. Barber. She said there were no riots at the University of Tampa there were only black fists in the air.

Dr. Barber was the first female choreographer for the Marching 100 and she was also the cheerleading advisor. In 1964 the band had their first piece of choreography. She said when FAMU would go to Miami for an away game Haines City was the only rest stop allowed for African-Americans.

“There’s a lot of history among our panelists. I had no idea about the extend of their contributions they made through history,”said Freedman.

Michael Smith, interim athletic director commended the panelists for overcoming their struggles and being fearless. “They realized there were opportunities for us as they broke the lines then we can connect the dots for greater opportunities.” He said the coaches were visionaries and they were not only looking at what was in front of them but what was ahead of them.

Need More

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

African Museum

Today I went to the African Museum


      The "Museum Lover" Phoenix

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Food Allergies and DC Living

It's my last week on DC; I leave on Friday to head back to Orlando, Fl. I find it interesting the level of food allergy awareness in this city, it's intriguing. I have noticed organic dry cleaners everywhere and gluten free seems to pop up on every food menu. 

While dinning at a Cuban restaurant the waiter ask does anyone have food allergies. I am always hesitate when eating at restaurant because the choices tend to dwindle when you're basically allergic to everything and your allergy test is five pages long including trees on the list. I end up eating salads and I watch others eat flavorful meals with sauces. 

It seems as though the food industry is changing and allergies are becoming an epidemic in a lot of children. One in 13 children have a food allergy and the numbers are rising according to an NPR's Buffalo Station. There are numerous vegan restaurants and I found an organic chinese food place near Woodley Park Metro. 

There is hope for people with severe food allergies and that we can eat like everyone else and order foods that are tasteful with desserts that taste yummy without wheat. A vegan/vegetarian place in Columbia Heights has delicious cupcakes that didn't make me breakout in and turn my stomach in knots with harsh pain. I've blogged about this place before, Sticky Fingers bakery. 

If you're planning a trip to DC and you're worried about food allergies or seasonal allergies. Yes, I have those too. It will not be a hassle. As, I said I have seasonal allergies with a list of trees I'm allerguc to and grass. I had one day when my nose was running and itchy and it wasn't as bad as watery eyes when I was younger. One day out of two months I was here, I'll call it success.

If you have questions about eczema or food allergies do not hesitate on contacting me. I'm twenty-two years old and I've manever some lifestyles changes that will help.

 The "Allergic"Phoenix                                

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Monday, August 5, 2013

DC Summer: We're Going To The Zoo

It's been awhile since I've went to the zoo. It's been years to be exact and the only time I remember was in elementary. A starfish was the only animal I remember touching. It's was pink, rough, sticky like suction cups but beautiful. So I woke up this morning and said it's free so why not and besides this was apart of my exploration phase of the summer.

DC's Redline takes you directly to the Woodley Park Zoo in Washington, DC. It's about a ten minute walk from Woodley Park Metro Stop and it's acoss from 7-eleven  store. I advise you to buy water and snacks from 7-eleven because the zoo is expensive.

If you are parents you will drop a pretty penny for ice cream, hamburgers or wraps for you dehydrated and hungry child. I broke down and bought an icea cream for $4.25 and that was painful as I swiped my card. The zoo is fairly large and it's free admission but if you would like to purchase a map then it's $2.00. Not bad for that price especially if you don't want to wonder and you know what animals you want to see.

After I purchased the map I wondered why I paid for it because there are sign everywhere pointing in various directions to see specific animals. But I'll look at the purchase as a souvenir even though I only look at the map when it was time to leave. I could't remember which way I came, maybe it was the dehydration. Overall I had fun looking at the animals.

1. Bring food/coolers into the zoo to save money
2. Buy a map just in case.
3. Wear walking shoes
4. Go to the zoo when it's not as hot in humid. Animals are sleep on hot and humid days.


 The "Zooleger"Phoenix                                

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fruitvale Station: Review and Thoughts

Real Incident on camera


Fruitvale station is a heart wrenching movie that causes you to think about the action you are taking as individuals to protect your rights as citizens. The movie evoked human emotions and makes feel like you know Oscar Grant. You understand who he was at that moment in his life.

You understand that this man was a father of a young girl. you understand a mother will never see her son and a grandmother will never see her grandson. You understand that twenty-two is too young to die. Too young to die by an officer who was trained to protect civilians.

If people die at the hands of someone who is trained to use a gun effectively to ensure the safety of others, how safe are we? When someone has a gun no one can say anything because they are afraid. A gun holds the power of life or death, injury and harm and none of that can be changed after the trigger is pulled. A gun cannot be stopped unless it enters an object.

The gun keeps entering the head, heart and back of the young minds who have not begun to effest change in the world. They have not reached their potential, their destiny was not finished. Their soul was taken on a platform, taken on the way to their wedding and taken in their car, life was stripped away because of a badge.

What is a badge? A badge should not be able to play Russian roulette on a young men's life. A badge is not God. A badge should help yet a badge shows a different side to young males in their daily lives as they board trains, drive cars and walk home. The normal activities must be done with precision and extra precaution because the badge is the law. And the law is the way of life and momma said obey the law.

Additional Information

Huffington Post
LA Times

The "Save Our Youth" Phoenix

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Friday, July 19, 2013

DC Summer: The Capitol

The Capitol is the heart of Washington, DC because everything else surrounds it. No matter where I go I can still see the capitol and I wondered what what was inside. I finally booked a tour but on the hottest day in DC. It was 95 degrees! This was a day I should have stayed inside but no I went to the Capitol. I got off the Metro too early and I had to walk a few blocks; it was torture but I survived and I learned about the building's history. I bought souvenirs from the store too. I have a book that describes the rooms, a small notepad with the picture of the Capitol on the cover and the emancipation proclamation. I wanted to purchase the ink pens but I didn't have enough money.

1. This is a government building and it's basically like being in an airport. No food or drinks. They have a cafeteria so if you're hungry grab some food.
2. Arrive early.
3. You can set up a tour online through your state representative or a standard Capitol tour. I suggest you do both.

This is the welcoming cente

The ceiling of the Rotunda room

The statue of King Kamehameha, Hawaii's first king 

The Statue of Freedom on the top of the Capitol

The Capitol facing the water

The Capitol by the visiting center

 The "DC Tourer" Phoenix                                

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Washington DC Interning: Press conference on the Affordable Care Act

 Leader Nancy Pelosi with Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius celebrate and 100 day countdown of the Affordable Care Act. Wednesday press conference includes speakers who were affected by the ACA.  

On Capitol Hill supporters of Same-sex marriage gathered as they waited for the Supreme Court decision.

Same-sex supporters on Capitol Hill

A reporter during his live shot on the DOMA act

At least 300 supporters

Reporter getting her quotes from supporters.

My pass for the press conference