Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fruitvale Station: Review and Thoughts

Real Incident on camera


Fruitvale station is a heart wrenching movie that causes you to think about the action you are taking as individuals to protect your rights as citizens. The movie evoked human emotions and makes feel like you know Oscar Grant. You understand who he was at that moment in his life.

You understand that this man was a father of a young girl. you understand a mother will never see her son and a grandmother will never see her grandson. You understand that twenty-two is too young to die. Too young to die by an officer who was trained to protect civilians.

If people die at the hands of someone who is trained to use a gun effectively to ensure the safety of others, how safe are we? When someone has a gun no one can say anything because they are afraid. A gun holds the power of life or death, injury and harm and none of that can be changed after the trigger is pulled. A gun cannot be stopped unless it enters an object.

The gun keeps entering the head, heart and back of the young minds who have not begun to effest change in the world. They have not reached their potential, their destiny was not finished. Their soul was taken on a platform, taken on the way to their wedding and taken in their car, life was stripped away because of a badge.

What is a badge? A badge should not be able to play Russian roulette on a young men's life. A badge is not God. A badge should help yet a badge shows a different side to young males in their daily lives as they board trains, drive cars and walk home. The normal activities must be done with precision and extra precaution because the badge is the law. And the law is the way of life and momma said obey the law.

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