Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer's End

Even though I have two weeks until I actually get back to school I am leaving New York in three days. There really isn't so much of a bitter sweet feeling because in actuality I am ready to leave, ready to get on that plane and fly away from the Yonkers aka the black cloud. I mean this summer has been truly a summer of revamping, numerous mind states, epiphanies, mending and ending relationships. I cut ties and knotted some together, life is what it is, you learn and grow. I still have alot of growing to do and steps to make. To be exceptional you can not whaddle in the middle because the middle is mediocrity. When you are mediocre you are put in the bottom box and you are not near the top, you can not smell the creme of the crop. Life consists of numerous groups and being the middle group I've realized is the same as settling. I know there are times when you do have to settle but I refuse to be mediocre; I refuse to not take this big step in my life that separates me from the crowd. My quest this fall is to become exceptional, to follow my career and find people who represent how I feel. More to come I am no longer in fear of the top, I will thrive I will be success in everything I do. Make sure you surround yourself with people that are socially aware and are intune with their aspirations. I am ready to enhance more art of learning and living

Love Always. Laugh Hard. Live Strong.

The Phoenix

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Starting From Scratch & Then Some

I have been in New York for the whole summer looking for jobs, emailing poetry cafes to TV stations. I have worked hard trying to make connections, taking breaks and even feeling hopelessly lost in this cut throat world of media. It feels like there are big doors that I can't find and forget about looking for a key. So, volunteering was my next option but I started thinking about money for transportation which comes to a job. I wanted to come back to campus polished, accomplished and to have an essential experience. As my favorite singer Aaliyah says, "If God Gave You Talent You Should Go For It. But don't Think It's Going To Be Easy, It's Hard". This is true but if you find the right connections everything will run much smoother but when you feel like your connections are short or fizzled out, then what? Look for a model, look for someone who has done it all, look for someone who is where you would like to be. Everyone blazes their own path but that does not mean you can not follow until you find your own. I am not saying go out into the world as a copy cat of your model but watch what they do and create a similar blueprint. My mother has told me how to achieve my dreams; she has given advice but it takes time to go through everything. Sometimes words sound so easy when you write or speak about them but action is everything. On my way to becoming the polished young woman I can see in my eyes and feel in my heart. I will make it, I'm ready to drive but I'm in search of a vehicle.
Never give up even when you feel like that door is closed because that door may not be ready for you to open. You may be a level up and skipped a task or two which will aid to finding the magic key to open the door.

The Phoenix

Saturday, July 3, 2010


So I'm analyzing the relationships of the youth and there is no foundation. No basic respect for any one's feelings, no commitment to that person, let alone love. There are varies types of girls but right now I am analyzing the girls that get attached to the the aspect of a relationship. They may want a relationship but they have never defined what makes up a relationship so they always find themselves in a somewhat hole. I call it a hole because they have to jump into in, fall into it or maybe pushed and they must dig themselves out. Digging out takes time because no matter how deep sometimes they just can't get out. They keep falling in that hole and mistaken it for a relationship. It takes an outsider to give them a rope and pull them out and sometimes someone may take a ladder and carry you out. A relationship takes a lot of giving and compromises but depending how deep even sacrifices. Some women forget their best interest at heart and they need that special person to make them whole or to feel wanted. But they should not make you feel whole unless this is love which is another subject. This person should make you feel like an improved version of yourself and even if they leave you they have showed you steps to become a better person. People have forgotten the definition of a true relationship and sometimes even a friendship. Please know the difference between hurting and helping,know the difference a friend and lover, know when to let go and hold on, know when to jump in but most importance how to get out. Everything has a time limit or an expiration date, things get old due to maturity and time. Just know when you have matured and it's time to let go. Keep your hearts close, eyes open and sometimes legs closed but mind always thinking.

The Phoenix