Saturday, July 3, 2010


So I'm analyzing the relationships of the youth and there is no foundation. No basic respect for any one's feelings, no commitment to that person, let alone love. There are varies types of girls but right now I am analyzing the girls that get attached to the the aspect of a relationship. They may want a relationship but they have never defined what makes up a relationship so they always find themselves in a somewhat hole. I call it a hole because they have to jump into in, fall into it or maybe pushed and they must dig themselves out. Digging out takes time because no matter how deep sometimes they just can't get out. They keep falling in that hole and mistaken it for a relationship. It takes an outsider to give them a rope and pull them out and sometimes someone may take a ladder and carry you out. A relationship takes a lot of giving and compromises but depending how deep even sacrifices. Some women forget their best interest at heart and they need that special person to make them whole or to feel wanted. But they should not make you feel whole unless this is love which is another subject. This person should make you feel like an improved version of yourself and even if they leave you they have showed you steps to become a better person. People have forgotten the definition of a true relationship and sometimes even a friendship. Please know the difference between hurting and helping,know the difference a friend and lover, know when to let go and hold on, know when to jump in but most importance how to get out. Everything has a time limit or an expiration date, things get old due to maturity and time. Just know when you have matured and it's time to let go. Keep your hearts close, eyes open and sometimes legs closed but mind always thinking.

The Phoenix

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