Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Procrastination (Maybe It's The Id)

Only one month and one day left until my summer is officially over; I'm thinking maybe I should of just stayed in school this summer. This whole summer I have searched for internships and jobs; in my opinion i have been working pretty hard for my summer dreams. It's just very depressing when you keep working and you look for your results and for some reason you can't find them. I shake my head, for the first time in my life I was going to give up my dreams and that's something I have never done before. It felt awkward to feel like you should be doing something productive but you let procrastination control you with idle thoughts. Becoming an idle mind is the devil's workshop and I made a promise to myself I would never become idle. My mom's joke was "Maybe you have the Id",that was not even funny, maybe it was true. But thinking about it now Id is only caring for self not procrastination. Energy is a low odd because I'm taking vitamins, maybe I need my oils and salmon but I don't know. Confusion leads the front lines this summer and I despise every minute. Furthermore I still have not told him what he needs to hear, I'm saying actions speak louder than words. He doesn't even speak anymore and I'm looking for something more entertaining because he definitely isn't it, maybe he was in the beginning. But it's completely opposite now, as always insatiable, trying to find the light so I can shine.

The Phoenix

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