Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I believe that there are people in your life that you meet to early and sometimes too late. Some people you will become friends with and lovers later or lovers before friends and maybe both. In my life currently I feel that we are too early, we are connected in some form but we have found each other too early. So I let go, you let go and we will return to each other later. My feelings for you are for who I know you can be so when I speak to you I speak of the future not our past relationship or our present. This does not mean speed up the process of who you are for me; you must do that on your own. I cannot give all of myself to you and I should not. I have goals and priorities I must attend to that make me who I am. If I stop for you how can I grow as a person? How can I be the woman I must be? They always say build yourself up before you can be with another person. This is so true. I was never a person to look for a relationship; I always thought that it comes when it comes so why rush it? So why rush this? Everyone always hates the “we can be friends” and they forget there is later on. So in the words of Erykah Badu “Another Lifetime”.

The Phoenix

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