Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Simple Thought

I've realized the disadvantage of being conscious; there's never a time where you don't think. Weighing every obstacle allows you to not make a decision. The outcome overpowers making a move. Life was not made for you to stand still.

Technology Poem

I watch my poems get wrote up in technology.
My paper and pen they don't acknowledge me.
They refuse to follow me.
I neglect them for a keyboard.
I move my thumbs across the pad until their sore.
A paper used to be raggedy with erase marks of frustration.
No more balled up papers with lines through sentences for restoration.
I just erase lines with ease of a delete button
But when I erase sometimes I lose my train of thought
And that's when pen and paper are bought.
To show the true artist their mistakes
And life is made of them.
Be true to life and write sometimes because you'll never forget how to type

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Job Shadowing My Future

It has been a long time since I have written a new post. I have been really busy with homework; thinking I am on top of things and realizing there is still more to do. With my music by my side everything seems to come together, it seems to cleanse my soul and I realize my goals. I'm truly an artist; I honestly feel my alive looking at people creating art in any form. I have watched singers, and dancers giving their all, I guess passion can be so inspiring. Friday April Fool's day I finally had a chance to job shadow Rebbecah Cantley, managing editor of Tallahassee Democrat, which was so uplifting. I felt like a little kid learning for the first time and I tried to be a sponge. I told myself that I must ask questions; this was the time to gain access to a plethora of information.