Friday, May 17, 2013

Kelly Rowland's Dirty Laundry

Kelly Rowland a member of Destiny's Child released a song called Dirty Laundry. The title speaks volumes about what you would expect from the song. It is much more personal and it's not your typical dirty laundry about a woman who is being cheated on by a boyfriend. This is a real song that discusses issues in relationships and it is deep. It's a real eye-opener to what you think you know about an artist and their inner circle. 

According to Global Grind Rowland's alleged abuser is a Cudda Love, Nelly's former manager and bodyguard. About ten years ago when Rowland was filming the music video Dilemma with Nelly, she was dating Love. Besides speaking about being in an abusive relationship Rowland speaks on her relationship with Beyonce Knowles. Rowland says her relationship with Love overshadowed and strained her relationship with Knowles. She became jealous of Knowles yet Knowles still tried to help Rowland by being by her side and saying Rowland needed to leave her alleged abuser. 
This is a Rowland's most powerful and personal song. 

If you are reading this and you are in this situation currently or you have been in a similar relationship in the past and you are seeking assistance, please click on these links.


Heres the Youtube Video with Lyrics:  

Stand Out Lyrics

I swear ya'll don't know half of this industry.
Oh no baby you gotta leave!
He turned me against my sister.
I was mad at everybody, everybody.

Music Video Teaser: 

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

DC Journalist

As I packed up everything to go back home before I leave for my internship in DC, I felt fear. I will be interning in DC for two months at the American Public Health Association as a communications intern. This internship is great for me because I'm interested in health. Health has become something very vital to me because of my background. I was born premature and I have food allergies, eczema and seasonal allergies. Staying heathy is something I deal with daily. So, to incorporate health issues with my career is really a dream come true.

 I'm fearful because I've only been to DC once yet I'm excited to explore my career and test my limits as a journalist. This is a big step for me because this will be a life changing experience. I don't know what to expect. I haven't been this anxious in a while. It feels weird when I tell people where I'm interning because I can't believe it myself. I am really grateful for this opportunity for immense growth. May I achieve a stronger work ethic, curiosity, connections, life lessons. May I become a better journalist. I will post a weekly update every Friday. Wish me luck!


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Monday, May 13, 2013

You're In Control; You Run The Show

Sometimes things just happen and later down the road we realize how that has changed us. 
We don’t always know right away what impact this person has on our lives. 
But we try to choose people wisely and meticulously. 
We just hope that it was the right choice and we don’t regret who we’ve chosen to come into our lives. 
Every person has there place, believe it or not. 
Each friend, each lover has a role and sometimes characters die off quickly and we need a casting call. 
Or sometimes we search around looking for extras to fill this empty scene so it won’t look dull, boring or lonely. 
Your supporting lead may come in the middle, beginning or end of your story. 
You might sit there searching for the understudy longing for the lead to walk in again. 
Your replacement characters may not fit well at all. 
But remember the director calls the shots.

       The "Poetic" Phoenix

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