Wednesday, March 31, 2010



The Phoenix

Saturday, March 27, 2010


I've been thinking some time about music in general, i listen to and I could instantly remember that feeling, that time. This is not about being nostalgic but it's showing people that there's no heart in the rhymes anymore it's just rambling. There are no stories let alone morals, it's just endless amounts of "I was in the club and who I wanna F". Analyzing 90's hip-hop New York was on the map with hip-hop. I mean we are the leaders of hip-hop but the crown has been taken away as I watch the game change before my eyes. The new songs in 2007-2010, I have no clue what that is or where it's going except down the toilet. 90s hiphop used to mean something, yes there were club songs but that wasn't the whole album. I mean listening to Shook Ones by Mobb Deep and NY Sate of Mind you could feel the story and you could feel the stress and pain. But hip-hop is worldwide and some rappers decided to put singers in their chorus. This was the merge of hip-hop and r&b, they were no longer separated by melodies or harmonies. The combination s mf these two genres of music was blowing up the charts with snoop dog's lay low track ft. nate dogg; who became the leading male singer on every track. Soon New York had tracks like livin it up by Ja Rule ft. Case, Let's Get Blown Snoop dog ft. Pharell, etc. Some of these songs water down both genres of music which results in mainstream crap of 2000s-2010. Yes, these songs are catchy and I have several that I absoutely love but I miss true hiphop. Music use to reflect life but now life has reflected music. What ever a rapper or artist does, or how they're living everyone else tries to live it too. Maybe R&B and Hip-Hop should of got a divorce and went to marriage counseling, Nevertheless, I'll always love the moments we share. Me: "Mainstream when will you die?" Mainstream:"when people decide to wake UP!!!!". Ok everyone go back to sleep

The Phoenix

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I did not know you but I do remember you were talented senior at Haines City High School. Its a shame once again to see another black man die at the hands of ignorance. My condolences to his family, I truly am sorry. Another star is added to the night sky© RIP Kendall Barry from FIU a talented football player. PLEASE MY YOUNG BROTHERS AND SISTERS WAKE UP AND STOP KILLING EACH OTHER OVER BS!!!!! IT'S NEVER WORTH IT NOR WILL IT EVER BE, IT NEVER SOLVES ANYTHING.......WAKE UP I BEG YOU!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Over the horrific and life changing times of living in the south along with college life, I have heard the craziest stereotypes that I've never heard growing up in the melting pot of the big apple. I miss you New York, you were my beginning but I've noticed dark skinned and light skinned plays a deep and essential part of a conversation in the South. Red bone is a term I was not use to growing up in NY and as soon as I stepped on campus I noticed that separation of light and dark; it was like a big joke to them to be called by their skin color. I still look at it as disrespectful because it shows that the slavery mentality is still implemented in African Americans and it's strong. I noticed as a male being too dark skinned was referred to as blue black, shoe polish black, or even African black. Many dark skinned males seem to only go for the light skinned females while they insult them on being so fair skinned. Even the light skinned female will tease the dark skinned male saying, "Why you so black? " In addition to light skined males are looked at as conceited just like the light skinned female. Besides that natural hair is look at as not beautiful but only nappy, there are a selective amount that understand the beauty. Some people even think natural can not grow very long which makes me more determined to have my hair down my back. I was even told one day "Oh your hair is natural it no ones sees your length so it doesn't matter". When I told my mother her reply was "The length of your straight hair, you could just put in a weave, no one would know". Some women are so afraid of the stereotypes and negative stigmas of natural hair that they perm their hair too death and wear weaves so much they forget the true texture of their hair. It's amazing that a woman can feel distraught if her hair doesn't have weave or it's not permed. So my advice is it's not your FREAKING hair release it and unleash your natural, unprocessed beauty. Living in the south has taught me some valuable lessons of holding on to who you were to accept who you will become, be comfortable in your skin, light or back, nappy, kinky, curly or straight!! Always be true to you and break your stereotypes and stigmas is someone shows you something different. Love your spirit and your soul to have a heart of gold; and love your mind before your body.

The Phoenix

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


There is always an essay question about who or what has impacted your life so immensely? But who actually thinks throughly, actually goes through the emotions of who, what, where etc. I can honestly sometimes in an essay you just want to write it and move on because you have better things to do, or so you say. But as you lay on your bed or simply daydream, aren't you thinking then about where you are today? Who will you become tomorrow? How did you get to this point in your life?

The Phoenix

Monday, March 22, 2010

What is Music? How Are You Living?

Lately, I have not listened to the radio, I ask why do we even need another song with a useless dance? I mean it's just like the last 5 songs songs I just heard. These songs have become the 21st century's realm of creativity. I beg to differ it's crap utterly crap, useless works throw on music and everyone can not wait to eat the slop like a pig. So, I choose to not even bother I mean is being A Five Star Chick or Being A Bad Chick, really important. I mean what happened to that Neo Soul Era with smooth melodies of sweet love songs what happened to the Lauryn Hills, the Musiq Soulchild, India Erie, Erykah Buda, Common, Talib Kweli, and The Roots. What happened to substance, what happened to meaning or should I say what happened to life? Life got lost in the misconception of a good time, life got lost when it decided to defy the rules. Everyone can't be a rebel but it seems as though it's the next best you tell me is there a point where there is too much expression until it's emotionless. Music has lost it's soul but isn't that what music is for to find yourself. If music is lost what does that say about its listers? Life was a reflection of music but now music is a refection of life...always think twice about what you hear because your conscious is reacting to that subliminal message.
The Phoenix

Friday, March 19, 2010


Sometimes I wonder does anyone take the time to just sit and wonder, I know we all lead busy lives. But do you let your busy life change who you are as a person? At least don't let it drag you into the dirt. There will be plenty of times where you have downfalls but you have to take the time and analyze, take time to think but I know many may say I had to make a quick decision. A quick decision is understandable but is this decision helping or hurting you. No one is perfect, no one but I feel as though every one has given up on perfection. Perfection is actually when you look at you're reflection, you evaluate, you upgrade yourself as a person. So in the time that you made a hasty decision ask yourself evaluate look at your reflection and ask, who am I, is this my purpose, is this who I am destined to become? Be more than a reflection be the shiny light beneath the star, be more than who you think you are!

The Phoenix

Friday, March 5, 2010


Being an observer means you learn how to watch, you think, you're always thinking. I'm capable of doing both of these things but sometimes I may think about something too hard, too long and well you can never come with an answer if you're always thinking what will be my answer. So with my re-invented poetry self I constantly ask myself where is this generation going? They are the smartest generation, we have the most network systems(facebook, myspace,twitter, aim, skype, oovoo) yet we are lacking the most essential part of life. The beginning of life; I call it basic morals, values and standards. They have seem to withered away, they are death like chivalry. It's interesting to watch people make mistakes but to not have anyone show them another way is devastating. As someone says insane is to keep doing something over and over again expecting to get a different result. This generation has talent but lacks a mentor, a strong understanding mentor that they can go toe to toe with; lost souls are painful to watch. So I have taken the initiative to help the youth become well rounded and I want them to think before they leap. That's my main concern but I know someone people's lives are much deeper; I know and I am willing to learn and help. Each one teach one hold your siblings hand tightly or you will make the same mistake twice©.