Friday, March 19, 2010


Sometimes I wonder does anyone take the time to just sit and wonder, I know we all lead busy lives. But do you let your busy life change who you are as a person? At least don't let it drag you into the dirt. There will be plenty of times where you have downfalls but you have to take the time and analyze, take time to think but I know many may say I had to make a quick decision. A quick decision is understandable but is this decision helping or hurting you. No one is perfect, no one but I feel as though every one has given up on perfection. Perfection is actually when you look at you're reflection, you evaluate, you upgrade yourself as a person. So in the time that you made a hasty decision ask yourself evaluate look at your reflection and ask, who am I, is this my purpose, is this who I am destined to become? Be more than a reflection be the shiny light beneath the star, be more than who you think you are!

The Phoenix

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