Saturday, March 27, 2010


I've been thinking some time about music in general, i listen to and I could instantly remember that feeling, that time. This is not about being nostalgic but it's showing people that there's no heart in the rhymes anymore it's just rambling. There are no stories let alone morals, it's just endless amounts of "I was in the club and who I wanna F". Analyzing 90's hip-hop New York was on the map with hip-hop. I mean we are the leaders of hip-hop but the crown has been taken away as I watch the game change before my eyes. The new songs in 2007-2010, I have no clue what that is or where it's going except down the toilet. 90s hiphop used to mean something, yes there were club songs but that wasn't the whole album. I mean listening to Shook Ones by Mobb Deep and NY Sate of Mind you could feel the story and you could feel the stress and pain. But hip-hop is worldwide and some rappers decided to put singers in their chorus. This was the merge of hip-hop and r&b, they were no longer separated by melodies or harmonies. The combination s mf these two genres of music was blowing up the charts with snoop dog's lay low track ft. nate dogg; who became the leading male singer on every track. Soon New York had tracks like livin it up by Ja Rule ft. Case, Let's Get Blown Snoop dog ft. Pharell, etc. Some of these songs water down both genres of music which results in mainstream crap of 2000s-2010. Yes, these songs are catchy and I have several that I absoutely love but I miss true hiphop. Music use to reflect life but now life has reflected music. What ever a rapper or artist does, or how they're living everyone else tries to live it too. Maybe R&B and Hip-Hop should of got a divorce and went to marriage counseling, Nevertheless, I'll always love the moments we share. Me: "Mainstream when will you die?" Mainstream:"when people decide to wake UP!!!!". Ok everyone go back to sleep

The Phoenix

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