Monday, March 22, 2010

What is Music? How Are You Living?

Lately, I have not listened to the radio, I ask why do we even need another song with a useless dance? I mean it's just like the last 5 songs songs I just heard. These songs have become the 21st century's realm of creativity. I beg to differ it's crap utterly crap, useless works throw on music and everyone can not wait to eat the slop like a pig. So, I choose to not even bother I mean is being A Five Star Chick or Being A Bad Chick, really important. I mean what happened to that Neo Soul Era with smooth melodies of sweet love songs what happened to the Lauryn Hills, the Musiq Soulchild, India Erie, Erykah Buda, Common, Talib Kweli, and The Roots. What happened to substance, what happened to meaning or should I say what happened to life? Life got lost in the misconception of a good time, life got lost when it decided to defy the rules. Everyone can't be a rebel but it seems as though it's the next best you tell me is there a point where there is too much expression until it's emotionless. Music has lost it's soul but isn't that what music is for to find yourself. If music is lost what does that say about its listers? Life was a reflection of music but now music is a refection of life...always think twice about what you hear because your conscious is reacting to that subliminal message.
The Phoenix

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