Friday, March 5, 2010


Being an observer means you learn how to watch, you think, you're always thinking. I'm capable of doing both of these things but sometimes I may think about something too hard, too long and well you can never come with an answer if you're always thinking what will be my answer. So with my re-invented poetry self I constantly ask myself where is this generation going? They are the smartest generation, we have the most network systems(facebook, myspace,twitter, aim, skype, oovoo) yet we are lacking the most essential part of life. The beginning of life; I call it basic morals, values and standards. They have seem to withered away, they are death like chivalry. It's interesting to watch people make mistakes but to not have anyone show them another way is devastating. As someone says insane is to keep doing something over and over again expecting to get a different result. This generation has talent but lacks a mentor, a strong understanding mentor that they can go toe to toe with; lost souls are painful to watch. So I have taken the initiative to help the youth become well rounded and I want them to think before they leap. That's my main concern but I know someone people's lives are much deeper; I know and I am willing to learn and help. Each one teach one hold your siblings hand tightly or you will make the same mistake twice©.

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