Friday, July 22, 2011

Updating Wardrobe While Saving

After my accupunture session I noticed Plato's Closet across the street; Plato's Closet is a store that sells and buys used clothes. Most of these clothes are name brand and barely wore and with the recession it's a great way to save and gain money. The clothes are seperated by brand name from Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Abercrombie and Finch to Guess, Hollister, Bebe, Areopostale, Wet Seal ect. Besides clothes they have jewelry, shoes and purses. The best way to stay in style or to become a fashinista is updating your clothing regularly. At Plato's Closet you can gain revenue from selling your own name brand then you can take that money and buy newer clothes. The place that I think is best to shop at is Ross; they have name brands for half the price. Most shirts are 8.99-20.99 depending at which brand. Also, Target has some great buys especially the name brand Xhilaration. The best places are bargain stores because they have a variety of style at low pricies; you can find the same type of clothes from Forever 21 at Ross and Target. Also, always shop during sales; you should never pay full price but make sure the material is quality. This is why I adore H&M because they sell tailored clothes for reasonable prices. Lastly, don't forget about online shopping such as,,,, and

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Beyond The Light

As a premature baby doctors informed my parents that I would be underdeveloped hence the ankle muscle growing at a slower rate than the rest of my body, amblyopia, eczema, seizures and allergies. Growing up I got rid of bronchitis but I did have asthma for a while and there might always be little things that I will have to pay attention to for the rest of my life. This does not mean I am suppose to stop living or dreaming or achieving because of my ailments. They make me Precious and why would I stop being Precious so I can fit in with the crowd. But I admit sometimes it is hard being me because there are times where you get sick of your daily routine which is fine; you cannot penalize yourself for that, everyone needs a break.
Through all of the doctors I’ve went to for eczema and allergies they have only prescribed high doses of hydrocortisone which only treats the symptoms for one week but reappears with vengeance. My mother is an advocate of Integrative/Alternative Medicine because we had experience doctors and their side effects. She was opened to trying a new way or shall I say old way, the natural way. I, on the other hand, had ambivalent feelings; I wasn’t sure what to expect but I wanted to be cured for once. My first alternative doctor was Dr. Kalidas from the Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine, Orlando Florida. This was in 2008, my junior of high school and my worst eczema breakout. I barely went to school, my self-esteem was low, I could not walk, eating food was a hassle and I didn’t sleep at all. Dr. Kalidas did extensive blood work and he explained that my body lack essential oils and that I had leaky gut syndrome. Hearing leaking gut for the first time at seventeen sounded very disturbing; I assumed Dr. Kalidas was just making up things so he could take our money. The supplements as well as the appointments were extremely costly, but they worked. It was miracle; in four months my eczema cleared up like I never had any flaky, itchy, scarring skin. I was elated but I could not keep up with the supplements and my parents and I looked for substitutes. I also cut back and I chose to use only three out of the eight recommended. My senior year in high school I was officially cured with seldom flare-ups and through an increased vegetable regime I defeat the flare-ups.
I was sure eczema was a thing of the past and I was moving on to the next stage in my life, college. I attended college four hours away from home and I was slightly worried about what would happen if I break out? Who would know what to do? How would I defend myself without my family? But I couldn’t stop living or put a hold on school because of eczema. So, my freshmen year was great; I had a running partner who ran cross-country. She was great at pushing me past my limits, which meant more hot sun and longer duration of running. I barely had break out. My skin was clear; I even ate tomatoes from time to time.
My sophomore year was opposite because my running partner transferred back home; so my running regime ceased. My appetite was still the same but I was stress; my new living arrangements were inadequate. I knew I was better than my new surroundings and I needed to be stable. I was so focused on being my better self mentally that my health fell to the side. It was irritating the condition of my skin and my coursework, which only increased flare-ups. Also, I wanted to fight this by myself; I knew my parents would not always hold my hand. But I should have known no one could fight a battle this intense by themselves.
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Friday, July 15, 2011

Energy Muse

Lance Gross

I have been on I rampage for paid internships, journalism jobs and scholarships. Thank you for aiding my thirst because I desperate need money especially since I buy groceries at school. So, as I scanned the Milkshake email for what types of articles they write; I noticed an Ad at the top of the page. It was appealing for me with the intricate, bright jewelry with small writing. "energy muse." I was looking for energy since I have been very fatigue since my eczema/allergies outbreak. I needed inspiration to continue pushing through with class and my internship. I quick energy muse solely based on curiosity and new jewelry. What an awakening of the mind as the web page opened up. Through watching The Secret, The Compass and reading people's aura , I believe in energy on the earth. Even though I'm not always certain where to find this energy besides on people who are unselfish and giving. Energy Muse is a jewelry company that sell jewelry that's 100-500 years old. Besides, being ancient each specific piece has an affirmation. The jewelry releases energy according to their intentions such as: wealth and success, love and romance, health and performance, balance and focus, new beginnings, passion and creativity and spirituality and faith. This crystals are holistic and they emit energy to the person who wears them and they are actually cheap. With the age of the crystals you would think the price would be higher. I am really interested in purchasing a piece of jewelry especially since it has a purpose attached to it. I like materialistic ideas but items with meaning are much more greater. So check out; if you happen to buy one and have an inspirational story write a comment. And write a testimonial on the site.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Acupuncture 3rd Time

I was born as a premature baby with eczema, which is extra dry flaky skin. According to doctor eczema is incurable and usually patients grow out of it. At the age of thirteen I developed food allergies; It happened when I ate a plate of chicken and shrimp parmesan. The nest day after that delicious meal, I woke up with big welts on my arm. I broke out and it itched severely. I've taken three allergy test and they changed every time. It's very difficult to explain what your allergic to when your eating in restaurants when you don't even know. I'm am twenty years old and I still battle eczema and allergies; every three years I noticed I have a break out. Over the years I have been to several doctors with no relieve and if there is, it's only temporary. Dr. Kalidas is a doctor in Orlando, Florida of Integrative Medicine. Dr. Kalidas was the first doctor to mention "leaky gut syndrome." He explained that food allergies may be caused by this syndrome which is when the gut lining is teared so the food particles are not digested properly. The food particles leak out of the tear within the gut which causes the body to respond to these food particles are a foreign substance. When the body attacks the food particles it causes the skin to swell and itch because that is the way the body is protecting itself. Hearing leaky gut syndrome at the age of 17 was very scary and at the time I didn't fathom the syndrome and I was in disbelief. I was prescribed L-Glutamine and many other natural fats to take daily but due to the expensive prices, I could not continue the regime. My skin did clear up in months and the scarring of eczema and allergies were no longer noticeable. I felt normal for three years until my recent breakup during my spring semester.
Today I went to the Florida College of Integrative Medicine located in Orlando,Florida; this is a teaching school and no one is consider a doctor. Most of their methods are herbal and they use Chinese medicine to heal patients. When I walked into the room, I was greeted by three students. Their approach was similar to Dr. Kalidas which was great because this meant they were opened to listening to my problems and looking for solutions. After I informed them of my background they brought in their teacher Steve Moreau. He ensured me that this was reversible and that he has treated other patients with skin diseases and their results were astounding. I believed him and he truly broke down how being premature was probably the cause of my condition which he called leaky gut syndrome. He told me that I must fixed the lining of my gut by taking soluble oils daily; my gut does not breakdown food particles efficiently. Because of the lining of my gut, I must eat foods that are easily digested that also aid in lining the gut. Taking oils will help moisture my body inside and out. He also suggested drinking raw milk and drinking soups daily. It funny raw milk made me think of powdered and strong tasting but it taste rich with a thick texture. Since my body is sensitive I could taste the grass in the milk; it was surprising. At the Florida College of Integrative Medicine every session is accompanied by acupuncture. This will be my third time and acupuncture helps to release and balance energy throughout the body and promotes natural healing. acupuncture is very relaxing and it allows the body to meditate. I received at total of 40 minutes, 10 minutes for the front of my body and 30 for my back. On the back they applied hot oil called moccasin. The smell of moccasin is similar to marijuana which was really hilarious because the similarly smell was surprising.
After acupuncture, my two-hour session for $35 was over. I actually had fun and I felt more energized than I was two months ago. Hopefully these sessions will relieve my eczema, allergies and help in the lining of my gut.

Florida College of Intergrative Medicine-->

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Part 2 of Business Clothing Haul! :)

These are just pictures of the rest of the shirts.'

The Breakdown
Light Tan Front Bow-Tie(Ann Talyor) $19.88
Sleeveless Dark Blueish-Purple with Center Ruffles (Ann Talyor) $19.88

Sleeveless Light Purple (New York & Company) $10.99
Red Belted Button-Down (New York & Company) $19.88


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Summer Business Clothing Haul!! :)

I usually don't blog about my clothes, but I do have my own style. I'm just updating my wardrobe but I had to fill you guys in on the sale from NY & Company and Ann Taylor. It's hilarious how I use to skip clothing stores that sold business attire because I did not have a job. I was more into casual attire; you know jeans, t-shirts and sneakers. But with this sale and interning two days a week while going to school I decided what the heck. I went through the sale racking up at least 11 shirts; I have plenty of bottoms. I shopped online for NY and Company; I bought clothes from there in the past, so I was sure about sizes. Ann Taylor was a place I thought catered to snobby elderly women; the name caught me off guard. Yes, I admit I discriminated but in the mall they said 70 % off so how could I pass on the opportunity. Who wants to go into an internship with the same clothes? I was ready to be stylish and chic. The only that I am missing is jewelry which would really bring everything together. All items were 20.99 without tax! You should always go shopping during a sale because it's suicude paying full price. Non-sale items are at least $40 dollars in both stores and to think I was going to spend $50 on one shirt! It was a unique shirt, different from anything I would normally try butI would oly have one outfit. My internship is unpaid so I am trying to save money while looking my best. Enjoy the pictures; I would like to show what they look like on me but I don't know how to set the timer on. It's not my camera but it's professional with a sharp lense, just enhancing all the colors. Hopefully I will shop for accessories soon!

The Breakdown

Long Sleeve Blue Shirt(Ann Taylor)
Sleeveless Blue Multi-color Ruffled Neckline(Ann Taylor)
Light Blue Imitation Tie(Ann Taylor)
White Button Down(Ann Taylor)
Light Brown Side Ruffles(Online New York & Company)

Other Items

Nine West Heels
H&M Skirt
Banana Republic Grey Pants


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Monday, July 11, 2011

Modern Day Cotton Club

I maybe be seventeen years late but better late then never. The funk Jazz Kafe has been around since 1994 and is a performing and visual arts concert. According to the website they are a multi-faceted arts and music festival which links fashion, food, wellness and spoken word. Sounds like my kind of party where you can hangout, meet new people and just have your mind natural elevated through emotions. I happened to click on the website while browsing through Clutch online magazine, my two-year obsession. I just had to have my fix because besides the innovative articles, the side advertisements always catch my eye. And the Funk Jazz Kafe was bright with an interesting movie poster, a collage on the side of a woman's face. How artistic, I thought, as I tried to name all the artish on the poster. Under the vivid movie poster was a video. It was truly a pleasure watching it; I felt my soul dance and my voice sung. The video was a trailer for FJK's movie; I say documentary. The movie encourages people to support FJK Festival by showing interviews of artists' experiences of the festival. The short clips of live performances were so quintessential, so emotional. They were uplifting, they had sass and yeah they had soul! In the trailer many artist answered the question of what the music of today lacks, soul. They spoke of record labels trying to place artist in a category and if a category was non existent then record labels said you were too "bohemian" and not black enough. How absturd that one company can dictate to a race of people their behavior. It is so appalling how upbeat, soulful, touching music is labeled as too much for a record company. Black music is being watered-down, which means we are being deprive of nutrition. Our youth are victims of malnutrition and executive board members are the leaders of this fiasco. In order to an end to soulless music and heartless children save the music and pay to see Diary of a Decade. I have no idea if the premieres are only in Atlanta but the website it says tickets can be purchased online.

WEDNESDAY, July 13, 2011
During the 2011
National Black Arts Festival
There will be a panel discussion with the director and selected cast from the film after the screening
The Rialto Center for The Arts
7:00pm – Red Carpet
7:30pm – Screening

For more information here is the link:

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Favorite Songs

I'm trying to get my playlist on here from playlist. com but for some reason it keeps saying failure in website. I'm a little upset because other people have their playlist. I want people to hear my songs. Well, technical difficulties again. I'll fix it soon.

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Internship Week 5: Fitting In & Remember Your Goals

I'm going into my third week of my internship; I'm realizing I'm am actually making up my own projects. I set up my own deadlines and I come in whenever I feel I should. Last thursday, I had the opportunity to take video and pictures of the $-H council members who went canoeing. Besides canoeing they were having a scavenger hunt and just bonding with each other. I had no problem fitting in and bonding;it really was a disappointment when my camera died. This is my job to help this company reach out to its audience through media. It's just everything is so flexible and even though we made a to do list, it still seems like I'm not really getting anything done. Everyone there is very helpful, optimistic and they are depending on me to make it happen. And I do want to come out of this internship with a positive experience which helped me utilize my craft. i realized I have to set my own boundaries and it's up to myself on getting things done. They will supervise me but the ball really is in my court to make a difference.
As for the canoeing, it was a lot of fun. Maybe it was because I didn't get wet and I do not have to row and i was not afraid of the water. My supervisor did tell me that there are snakes and gators in the water but for the most part I felt pretty safe. It wasn't hot and humid as they rowed so I really had a chance to enjoy nature because usually I'm itching, irritated or just running through the path(cross country) which doesn't allow you to really stop and look. The 4-H kids ranged from ges 9-15; the oldest guy who was a lifeguard was 18. The kids were really funny and I learned new games and their camp songs are pretty catchy. I can honestly say I enjoyed myself. So on that note always leave the house with an open min;open heart. I'm sure I will accomplish my task to help the extension service and to make this summer memorable with another set of media mentors.


The "Interning" Phoenix

YouTube Difficulties :'(

So, for some reason YouTube will not let me upload my natural hair video or my songs of me singing. so I decided to upload them here. I hope it works. I don't understand it's still not working; I'll convert it.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Eczema Endeavors

Eczema is an atopic dermatitis disorder that causes the skin in joint areas on the body to become very flaky and dry. Through researching google articles anyone would be under the impression that my eczema should have diminished by now and I wish that was the case. At twenty years old my eczema still changes along with my food allergies. It fluctuates like a bar graph of classical music and it is simple unpredictable at times. My body is truly an amazement to myself especially when it comes to allergies and eczema. doctors insists that eczema is incurable and some even say just stop scratching which is virtually impossible. I have decided to document my endeavors through this blog because doctors do not understand how devastating and painful eczema breakouts can be or the severity of my case.

Exhibit A:
I usually make a big pot of stew bee for my family and I know what I know my allergies so I can say I'm very tentative with my ingredients. But there are times when even the food I make from scratch with basic herbal seasonings can cause i breakout. I detected a new symptom while making my stew beef recently; As, I stirred the aroma was almost nauseating. My senses told me that the meat smelled like death. Maybe not that bad but at least a rotten smell. I had no interest in eating my food but I was starving. I ate a little but the still the foul odor lingered. I pushed the plate aside.

Exhibit B:
The day after I ate the stew beef, I woke up with a migraine and a stuffy nose. I felt very groggy. And yes I do take vitamins well from time to time and I frequently take supplements. Besides, the groggy feeling my throat felt constricted not drastic like choking, just a little pressure.

Exhibit C:
Usually my eczema goes away for at least a few months after a major outbreak that interferes with daily living. but this time the eczema is still hear loud and clear on my hands(a new spot), feet, behinds my legs and the usually my arms. It is so much better than when I was at school but for some reason it's not clearing up.

Exhibit D:
Even though studies say eczema is worse in the summer, my eczema was better; it was healthy and clear. It was the clearest I have ever seen. this was in the Summer of 2009. The summer before my freshman year of college. Most of my meals consist of brown rice, fish or ground turkey and spinach. daily supplement were pills for liver function, oreganol and vitamins. There was no mid night scratching, no scars, or flaky patches. i felt energized. I was taking hot sometimes cold showers. I did not feel irritated by my skin. I almost forgot I had eczema.

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