Saturday, July 9, 2011

Eczema Endeavors

Eczema is an atopic dermatitis disorder that causes the skin in joint areas on the body to become very flaky and dry. Through researching google articles anyone would be under the impression that my eczema should have diminished by now and I wish that was the case. At twenty years old my eczema still changes along with my food allergies. It fluctuates like a bar graph of classical music and it is simple unpredictable at times. My body is truly an amazement to myself especially when it comes to allergies and eczema. doctors insists that eczema is incurable and some even say just stop scratching which is virtually impossible. I have decided to document my endeavors through this blog because doctors do not understand how devastating and painful eczema breakouts can be or the severity of my case.

Exhibit A:
I usually make a big pot of stew bee for my family and I know what I know my allergies so I can say I'm very tentative with my ingredients. But there are times when even the food I make from scratch with basic herbal seasonings can cause i breakout. I detected a new symptom while making my stew beef recently; As, I stirred the aroma was almost nauseating. My senses told me that the meat smelled like death. Maybe not that bad but at least a rotten smell. I had no interest in eating my food but I was starving. I ate a little but the still the foul odor lingered. I pushed the plate aside.

Exhibit B:
The day after I ate the stew beef, I woke up with a migraine and a stuffy nose. I felt very groggy. And yes I do take vitamins well from time to time and I frequently take supplements. Besides, the groggy feeling my throat felt constricted not drastic like choking, just a little pressure.

Exhibit C:
Usually my eczema goes away for at least a few months after a major outbreak that interferes with daily living. but this time the eczema is still hear loud and clear on my hands(a new spot), feet, behinds my legs and the usually my arms. It is so much better than when I was at school but for some reason it's not clearing up.

Exhibit D:
Even though studies say eczema is worse in the summer, my eczema was better; it was healthy and clear. It was the clearest I have ever seen. this was in the Summer of 2009. The summer before my freshman year of college. Most of my meals consist of brown rice, fish or ground turkey and spinach. daily supplement were pills for liver function, oreganol and vitamins. There was no mid night scratching, no scars, or flaky patches. i felt energized. I was taking hot sometimes cold showers. I did not feel irritated by my skin. I almost forgot I had eczema.

The "Strong" Phoenix

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