Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Business Clothing Haul!! :)

I usually don't blog about my clothes, but I do have my own style. I'm just updating my wardrobe but I had to fill you guys in on the sale from NY & Company and Ann Taylor. It's hilarious how I use to skip clothing stores that sold business attire because I did not have a job. I was more into casual attire; you know jeans, t-shirts and sneakers. But with this sale and interning two days a week while going to school I decided what the heck. I went through the sale racking up at least 11 shirts; I have plenty of bottoms. I shopped online for NY and Company; I bought clothes from there in the past, so I was sure about sizes. Ann Taylor was a place I thought catered to snobby elderly women; the name caught me off guard. Yes, I admit I discriminated but in the mall they said 70 % off so how could I pass on the opportunity. Who wants to go into an internship with the same clothes? I was ready to be stylish and chic. The only that I am missing is jewelry which would really bring everything together. All items were 20.99 without tax! You should always go shopping during a sale because it's suicude paying full price. Non-sale items are at least $40 dollars in both stores and to think I was going to spend $50 on one shirt! It was a unique shirt, different from anything I would normally try butI would oly have one outfit. My internship is unpaid so I am trying to save money while looking my best. Enjoy the pictures; I would like to show what they look like on me but I don't know how to set the timer on. It's not my camera but it's professional with a sharp lense, just enhancing all the colors. Hopefully I will shop for accessories soon!

The Breakdown

Long Sleeve Blue Shirt(Ann Taylor)
Sleeveless Blue Multi-color Ruffled Neckline(Ann Taylor)
Light Blue Imitation Tie(Ann Taylor)
White Button Down(Ann Taylor)
Light Brown Side Ruffles(Online New York & Company)

Other Items

Nine West Heels
H&M Skirt
Banana Republic Grey Pants


The "Fashionable" Phoenix


  1. Now that you have a very cute wardrobe go get a J O B lol

  2. lol I am really trying to get one this semester; I applied to paid internships but this summer no one is paying :(. Thanks for commenting! Make sure you follow my blog, twitter and subscribe on YouTube!

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