Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Part 2 of Business Clothing Haul! :)

These are just pictures of the rest of the shirts.'

The Breakdown
Light Tan Front Bow-Tie(Ann Talyor) $19.88
Sleeveless Dark Blueish-Purple with Center Ruffles (Ann Talyor) $19.88

Sleeveless Light Purple (New York & Company) $10.99
Red Belted Button-Down (New York & Company) $19.88


The "Fashionable" Phoenix

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  1. I like the outfits and how you decided to give everyone a break down of the prices so if they decided to wear something similar they could have easy access to it(youtube ppl do that a lot). .. .but how is it that the one person who has never worked before have work clothes lmao

  2. lol I save alot of especially my scholarship money. Thanks so much for commenting! :) I'm all about sales too.

  3. These Business wear outlooks so awesome and gives an excellent style to that lady.