Thursday, July 14, 2011

Acupuncture 3rd Time

I was born as a premature baby with eczema, which is extra dry flaky skin. According to doctor eczema is incurable and usually patients grow out of it. At the age of thirteen I developed food allergies; It happened when I ate a plate of chicken and shrimp parmesan. The nest day after that delicious meal, I woke up with big welts on my arm. I broke out and it itched severely. I've taken three allergy test and they changed every time. It's very difficult to explain what your allergic to when your eating in restaurants when you don't even know. I'm am twenty years old and I still battle eczema and allergies; every three years I noticed I have a break out. Over the years I have been to several doctors with no relieve and if there is, it's only temporary. Dr. Kalidas is a doctor in Orlando, Florida of Integrative Medicine. Dr. Kalidas was the first doctor to mention "leaky gut syndrome." He explained that food allergies may be caused by this syndrome which is when the gut lining is teared so the food particles are not digested properly. The food particles leak out of the tear within the gut which causes the body to respond to these food particles are a foreign substance. When the body attacks the food particles it causes the skin to swell and itch because that is the way the body is protecting itself. Hearing leaky gut syndrome at the age of 17 was very scary and at the time I didn't fathom the syndrome and I was in disbelief. I was prescribed L-Glutamine and many other natural fats to take daily but due to the expensive prices, I could not continue the regime. My skin did clear up in months and the scarring of eczema and allergies were no longer noticeable. I felt normal for three years until my recent breakup during my spring semester.
Today I went to the Florida College of Integrative Medicine located in Orlando,Florida; this is a teaching school and no one is consider a doctor. Most of their methods are herbal and they use Chinese medicine to heal patients. When I walked into the room, I was greeted by three students. Their approach was similar to Dr. Kalidas which was great because this meant they were opened to listening to my problems and looking for solutions. After I informed them of my background they brought in their teacher Steve Moreau. He ensured me that this was reversible and that he has treated other patients with skin diseases and their results were astounding. I believed him and he truly broke down how being premature was probably the cause of my condition which he called leaky gut syndrome. He told me that I must fixed the lining of my gut by taking soluble oils daily; my gut does not breakdown food particles efficiently. Because of the lining of my gut, I must eat foods that are easily digested that also aid in lining the gut. Taking oils will help moisture my body inside and out. He also suggested drinking raw milk and drinking soups daily. It funny raw milk made me think of powdered and strong tasting but it taste rich with a thick texture. Since my body is sensitive I could taste the grass in the milk; it was surprising. At the Florida College of Integrative Medicine every session is accompanied by acupuncture. This will be my third time and acupuncture helps to release and balance energy throughout the body and promotes natural healing. acupuncture is very relaxing and it allows the body to meditate. I received at total of 40 minutes, 10 minutes for the front of my body and 30 for my back. On the back they applied hot oil called moccasin. The smell of moccasin is similar to marijuana which was really hilarious because the similarly smell was surprising.
After acupuncture, my two-hour session for $35 was over. I actually had fun and I felt more energized than I was two months ago. Hopefully these sessions will relieve my eczema, allergies and help in the lining of my gut.

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