Sunday, July 10, 2011

Internship Week 5: Fitting In & Remember Your Goals

I'm going into my third week of my internship; I'm realizing I'm am actually making up my own projects. I set up my own deadlines and I come in whenever I feel I should. Last thursday, I had the opportunity to take video and pictures of the $-H council members who went canoeing. Besides canoeing they were having a scavenger hunt and just bonding with each other. I had no problem fitting in and bonding;it really was a disappointment when my camera died. This is my job to help this company reach out to its audience through media. It's just everything is so flexible and even though we made a to do list, it still seems like I'm not really getting anything done. Everyone there is very helpful, optimistic and they are depending on me to make it happen. And I do want to come out of this internship with a positive experience which helped me utilize my craft. i realized I have to set my own boundaries and it's up to myself on getting things done. They will supervise me but the ball really is in my court to make a difference.
As for the canoeing, it was a lot of fun. Maybe it was because I didn't get wet and I do not have to row and i was not afraid of the water. My supervisor did tell me that there are snakes and gators in the water but for the most part I felt pretty safe. It wasn't hot and humid as they rowed so I really had a chance to enjoy nature because usually I'm itching, irritated or just running through the path(cross country) which doesn't allow you to really stop and look. The 4-H kids ranged from ges 9-15; the oldest guy who was a lifeguard was 18. The kids were really funny and I learned new games and their camp songs are pretty catchy. I can honestly say I enjoyed myself. So on that note always leave the house with an open min;open heart. I'm sure I will accomplish my task to help the extension service and to make this summer memorable with another set of media mentors.


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