Friday, July 15, 2011

Energy Muse

Lance Gross

I have been on I rampage for paid internships, journalism jobs and scholarships. Thank you for aiding my thirst because I desperate need money especially since I buy groceries at school. So, as I scanned the Milkshake email for what types of articles they write; I noticed an Ad at the top of the page. It was appealing for me with the intricate, bright jewelry with small writing. "energy muse." I was looking for energy since I have been very fatigue since my eczema/allergies outbreak. I needed inspiration to continue pushing through with class and my internship. I quick energy muse solely based on curiosity and new jewelry. What an awakening of the mind as the web page opened up. Through watching The Secret, The Compass and reading people's aura , I believe in energy on the earth. Even though I'm not always certain where to find this energy besides on people who are unselfish and giving. Energy Muse is a jewelry company that sell jewelry that's 100-500 years old. Besides, being ancient each specific piece has an affirmation. The jewelry releases energy according to their intentions such as: wealth and success, love and romance, health and performance, balance and focus, new beginnings, passion and creativity and spirituality and faith. This crystals are holistic and they emit energy to the person who wears them and they are actually cheap. With the age of the crystals you would think the price would be higher. I am really interested in purchasing a piece of jewelry especially since it has a purpose attached to it. I like materialistic ideas but items with meaning are much more greater. So check out; if you happen to buy one and have an inspirational story write a comment. And write a testimonial on the site.

The "Energy Conscious" Phoenix

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