Monday, July 11, 2011

Modern Day Cotton Club

I maybe be seventeen years late but better late then never. The funk Jazz Kafe has been around since 1994 and is a performing and visual arts concert. According to the website they are a multi-faceted arts and music festival which links fashion, food, wellness and spoken word. Sounds like my kind of party where you can hangout, meet new people and just have your mind natural elevated through emotions. I happened to click on the website while browsing through Clutch online magazine, my two-year obsession. I just had to have my fix because besides the innovative articles, the side advertisements always catch my eye. And the Funk Jazz Kafe was bright with an interesting movie poster, a collage on the side of a woman's face. How artistic, I thought, as I tried to name all the artish on the poster. Under the vivid movie poster was a video. It was truly a pleasure watching it; I felt my soul dance and my voice sung. The video was a trailer for FJK's movie; I say documentary. The movie encourages people to support FJK Festival by showing interviews of artists' experiences of the festival. The short clips of live performances were so quintessential, so emotional. They were uplifting, they had sass and yeah they had soul! In the trailer many artist answered the question of what the music of today lacks, soul. They spoke of record labels trying to place artist in a category and if a category was non existent then record labels said you were too "bohemian" and not black enough. How absturd that one company can dictate to a race of people their behavior. It is so appalling how upbeat, soulful, touching music is labeled as too much for a record company. Black music is being watered-down, which means we are being deprive of nutrition. Our youth are victims of malnutrition and executive board members are the leaders of this fiasco. In order to an end to soulless music and heartless children save the music and pay to see Diary of a Decade. I have no idea if the premieres are only in Atlanta but the website it says tickets can be purchased online.

WEDNESDAY, July 13, 2011
During the 2011
National Black Arts Festival
There will be a panel discussion with the director and selected cast from the film after the screening
The Rialto Center for The Arts
7:00pm – Red Carpet
7:30pm – Screening

For more information here is the link:

The "Funky" Phoenix

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