Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First Two Days

As, you may know I landed my first internship the day after my birthday and I was so excited that while in my economics class it all i could think about as I picked lint off my black skirt. I was so nervous as I stepped out into the Florida sunshine in the Extension services parking lot. I was unsure if this was going to be an interview or if she would put me to work. I walked in the office with confidence and ask to speak to ____; the recipientionist quickly called _____. I waited patiently in chairs that reminded me of the doctor's office while my brain went though expectations. ____greeted me with a big smile while saying, "You must be Precious, I hope you have not been waiting long." I replied"No, just five minutes." We walked into a big conference room and she propped the door open. I brought the the questions to ask interns even though I already email them to her; I wanted her to know I was responsible and ready to become polished. The interview went well and she asked my to write a breif proposal on what
I would bring to the company. She said "You need to learn how to sell yourself even though i'm already sold." As we talked about my major and past experience I thought to myself this is a great opportunity to intern here. Besides, everyone being very friendly and ambitious, they are willing to groom me. ____ showed me around the office and explain throughly the purpose of of the extension office. I met many of coworkers who seemed glad to be introduced to a new face. I was at the office for atleast two hours and it was truly inspiring. I was staring into my future and I saw myself climbing the ladder fast. My next day in the office I would recieve my name tag but they are still working on those. My second day was more intense because ____and I worked on a task list. There are many projects I have to complete and I'm very anxious, but I'm not aware of the guidelines because the office works along with the University of Florida. Anything I complete must be approved by___. I will be responsible for media outlets which are Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. The most excited thing was holding the Flip digital camera; I remember when I saw it being reviewed by Oprah. The Flip was so light-weight and the functions were so easy. just one button with a usb cable attached. I look forward to completing these task and I'm glad I contacted them and stayed persistent with contacting them.


The "Interning" Phoenix

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