Monday, June 27, 2011

My Birthday Gift

A premature baby girl born in Manhattan, New York was one pound and two ounces, twenty years ago. She went through two blood tranfusions, allergies to baby formulas, seizures, eye patches, and eczema. Through all of her ailments and sometimes limations, she has made it pass the twenty year mark with the same smile from when she was five years old. Her name is Precious Dorch-Robinson and she will continue to shine!

My 20th birthday was nothing fancy; I went to economics class and when I arrived home I started cranking out emails. By 9:45p.m. I shot an email to Buji magazine, an online magazine, I found on Even though I was a day late for the dateline, it was my birthday and you never know what could happen. It was probably a birthday wish because you know you're determined when look for internships when you're suppose to be celebrating. In my mind this was my celebration, gaining experience in my field; I needed to write and learn. I sent out maybe five to six emails to different media outlets that day and four days prior I was contacting an extension office for an internship. I was not sure if the extension office were serious about what my intern duties would be and the director seem swamped with work. So, I just envisioned getting it and I prayed. The other internships were newspapers that I was so sure there was a waiting for but nevertheless I tried. So, the day before my birthday I received I call from the extension office asking when was I available to come in and we made an agreement the day after my birthday June 22, 2011 would be an appropriate time. I was so excited; after all of the calling and e-mails I got what I deserved. I was immensely proud of myself and when I walked into class on the 22nd I was ready to intern even though it was 9:45am and I was waiting for 1:00p.m. Now that's what you call adrenaline! As for Buji Magazine they replied the same day I would intern for the extension office. Buji wanted to set up a phone interview but they wanted to call during my class so I told them my schedule. But they did not call on the 23rd of June. I was a little devastated but at least I have one internship. I will continue contacting Buji; they don’t have a phone number online email. I really wanted to know more about them because their positive attitude is definitely what I’m looking for in a magazine. I’ll keep updating the blog about the internship if I am not too busy with projects and homework.

Love The “Present” Phoenix

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