Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Secret

This past spring semester has been on the rocks for me since I moved to the dorms. Dorm life has so many restrictions and rules yet their safety of your health is non-existing. How to do you clean a kitchen of rusty items: Scrub until administration says it good. So besides battling rust and people's personalities, I was battling my classes and trying to continue campus activities. It was truly a challenge especially when you have severe eczema and allergies that conicide with stress and environmental agents. My eczema began to spread to my hands until writing was almost impossible especially typing with only four fingers for papers. But somehow I made it through one day at a time while whispering to myself that home would be the place I recuperate. So when April 30th rolled around I was packed and ready to leave. When I finally came home I slept all day, revamping in my dreams. I would wake up and just think of a strategy to move forward and to calm down my eczema and allergies. It took about two months of doctor's appointments, researching google, mediation, taking new and old supplements. It's still in a process but it looks and I feel a hundred times better. My mind is clearer on the goals and I'm working on becoming a better journalist. My mom used to make me watch "The Secret" and it wasn't as hard to analyze anymore. It was clear; my moment of clarity. I began to consistently contact the two organizations my mentor informed me about to inquire information on internships. With my persistence, I landed one. It's with an Extension Office that deals in Agriculture among their other ventures.

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