Thursday, June 17, 2010

Job Hunt

A job hunt is when you run around like a maniac looking for a job; it can be part-time. temporary, full-time it doesn't matter. It's still a hunt for a job and currently I have been filling out applications for a month and this so called waiting process is not helping. I have emailed numerous places for internships, I mean I was gun-hun for a paid internship but now I don't care about money, I truly want experience. When you have experience in your field you can analyze what you have learned and you can ask yourself "Is this something I love doing"? I can't even ask that because I have no experience and I would think people love molding young minds but I've come to the conclusion that maybe I'm too late. Deadlines have passed but I'm hoping for a miracle. I love words, how they flow together, how they make someone feel emotions. Communication is extremely important because that is how we form relationships. I would really like the chance to live out my dreams or at least revamp my dreams through numerous experiences that I've had. At least one month or something, life always gives you roadblocks but you have to find the tools to make a bulldozer. I love my life but always remember to be insatiable because it's apart of growing and exploring. It's the only way to open the mind.

The Phoenix

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  1. Dear Phoenix,
    I understand EXACTLY how you feel, I have been filing job applications for over a year now, attended interview but so far no actual call backs, don't feel disheartened you will get something and it will most probably be one that you a suited for in every way.

    Emily, Sydney - Australia