Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Starting From Scratch & Then Some

I have been in New York for the whole summer looking for jobs, emailing poetry cafes to TV stations. I have worked hard trying to make connections, taking breaks and even feeling hopelessly lost in this cut throat world of media. It feels like there are big doors that I can't find and forget about looking for a key. So, volunteering was my next option but I started thinking about money for transportation which comes to a job. I wanted to come back to campus polished, accomplished and to have an essential experience. As my favorite singer Aaliyah says, "If God Gave You Talent You Should Go For It. But don't Think It's Going To Be Easy, It's Hard". This is true but if you find the right connections everything will run much smoother but when you feel like your connections are short or fizzled out, then what? Look for a model, look for someone who has done it all, look for someone who is where you would like to be. Everyone blazes their own path but that does not mean you can not follow until you find your own. I am not saying go out into the world as a copy cat of your model but watch what they do and create a similar blueprint. My mother has told me how to achieve my dreams; she has given advice but it takes time to go through everything. Sometimes words sound so easy when you write or speak about them but action is everything. On my way to becoming the polished young woman I can see in my eyes and feel in my heart. I will make it, I'm ready to drive but I'm in search of a vehicle.
Never give up even when you feel like that door is closed because that door may not be ready for you to open. You may be a level up and skipped a task or two which will aid to finding the magic key to open the door.

The Phoenix

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