Monday, August 5, 2013

DC Summer: We're Going To The Zoo

It's been awhile since I've went to the zoo. It's been years to be exact and the only time I remember was in elementary. A starfish was the only animal I remember touching. It's was pink, rough, sticky like suction cups but beautiful. So I woke up this morning and said it's free so why not and besides this was apart of my exploration phase of the summer.

DC's Redline takes you directly to the Woodley Park Zoo in Washington, DC. It's about a ten minute walk from Woodley Park Metro Stop and it's acoss from 7-eleven  store. I advise you to buy water and snacks from 7-eleven because the zoo is expensive.

If you are parents you will drop a pretty penny for ice cream, hamburgers or wraps for you dehydrated and hungry child. I broke down and bought an icea cream for $4.25 and that was painful as I swiped my card. The zoo is fairly large and it's free admission but if you would like to purchase a map then it's $2.00. Not bad for that price especially if you don't want to wonder and you know what animals you want to see.

After I purchased the map I wondered why I paid for it because there are sign everywhere pointing in various directions to see specific animals. But I'll look at the purchase as a souvenir even though I only look at the map when it was time to leave. I could't remember which way I came, maybe it was the dehydration. Overall I had fun looking at the animals.

1. Bring food/coolers into the zoo to save money
2. Buy a map just in case.
3. Wear walking shoes
4. Go to the zoo when it's not as hot in humid. Animals are sleep on hot and humid days.


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