Friday, July 19, 2013

DC Summer: The Capitol

The Capitol is the heart of Washington, DC because everything else surrounds it. No matter where I go I can still see the capitol and I wondered what what was inside. I finally booked a tour but on the hottest day in DC. It was 95 degrees! This was a day I should have stayed inside but no I went to the Capitol. I got off the Metro too early and I had to walk a few blocks; it was torture but I survived and I learned about the building's history. I bought souvenirs from the store too. I have a book that describes the rooms, a small notepad with the picture of the Capitol on the cover and the emancipation proclamation. I wanted to purchase the ink pens but I didn't have enough money.

1. This is a government building and it's basically like being in an airport. No food or drinks. They have a cafeteria so if you're hungry grab some food.
2. Arrive early.
3. You can set up a tour online through your state representative or a standard Capitol tour. I suggest you do both.

This is the welcoming cente

The ceiling of the Rotunda room

The statue of King Kamehameha, Hawaii's first king 

The Statue of Freedom on the top of the Capitol

The Capitol facing the water

The Capitol by the visiting center

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