Monday, August 1, 2011

Internet Yoga Class

With busy schedules, strict deadlines and time constricts, who has time to exercise?  Let alone mediate. I've realized when it comes to health you must make time. I know it's a cliche"your body is your temple" but it's accurate. Your health is the only thing that keeps you going, to make money, to provide for your spouse or your kids and most importantly yourself. I know everyone has the most demanding schedules with no time for relief or vacation but if you don't make time you won't have time left. Your home should be your sanctuary so I think at-home relaxation is key. While reading a yoga magazine at Publix grocery store, I stumbled upon a website called yogis anonymous. I really enjoy yoga and what it stands for especially in this chaotic world. We all need a time and place where we force ourselves to let everything go. I mean let the stress go, not give up on your schedule and just say forget everything and walk away and find time to put your mind to rest. Focus on you body's breathing and the way it functions; it is actually amazing, But enough of rambling, see I already mediated while blogging! So, it is possible to step away from phone calls, meetings. and  t.v. If your interested in doing yoga from home or just virtually and you're sick of the five-minute YouTube videos try This is not a sales pitch, I am not getting paid, it would be great if I did. But I am really passionate about helping people live out their life beyond their jobs. Do not let your work define you or hold you back from living. You should always schedule time to live!


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