Sunday, August 28, 2011

Self-Improvement Never Self-Doubt

Society is made of peoples rules and regulations; they are opnions basically. These rules and regulations can hinder your lifestyle or goal settings. Some people can go against the grain while others can not. But since society is based on order they dictate when people should make goals and change their lifestyle in a positive way. What holiday do we celebrate and make resolutions? It's New Years! This is probably the worst time to make goals and lifestyle changes because you are not making yourself the main priority; you're making a holiday the main priority. You're not going against the grain; you're running with the crowd. Many people get upset at the end of the year when they have not completed their resolution, it's because society never intended for you to complete it but they did intend on taking your money for the holiday.
      There are times in your life when your goals are your main priority and you  do them effortlessly and you're having fun as you complete them. There is no pressure. This is because you just know you have to do it and your dedication is so strong that the obstacle is not a roadblock but a mere pebble. You pick the pebble up and you throw it behind you. Everyone has those moments, the high moments. Such as Nicki Minaj's "Moment For Life." The difference is celebrities understand how to continously have these moments. That's what makes them seem so glamourous, their goals. Everyone has the power to acheive, everyone believes but no one takes the action! The cliche "Actions speaks louder than words"will always be true especially in goal setting and self-improvement. 
      I'm reading Brian Kim's website and it is about self-improvement. Brian quotes: But somewhere along the line, your natural success mechanism was repressed. It was buried, Buried by negativity. Buried by experience. Buried by fear of failure and forgotten." This quote sums up everything in life or any restraints you may have put on yourself thinking that you were not good enough which means experience and false evidence appearing real (fear) is the greatest roadblock in life. If you let the outside elements destroy the gift inside of you then what do you have left.

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