Monday, August 15, 2011

Eye Twitching

It has been about six days after my eye surgery and I am contend with the results and elated that the double vision has subsided. I can head back to my internships and write articles and help with the social media project. But my eye started bothering me; it started with my long curly eyelashes poking me. That's normal but on the healing eye it was annoying; I could not stop blinking which made it really difficult to finish my article. Also difficult to write this post. After my the eye lashes kept going into my eye then my eye kept moving. I could feel it, almost like it's jumping or turning. I am trying to mentally keep my eye focus but it seems like it fighting me but it's healing fast. I would hate for it to revert back after barely a week. But at least I know what my eyes look like when their straight so it would not be a such a waste. Maybe I just need to go to sleep and wake up with a fresh start. So, hopefully my eye is just making adjustments. I still proud that I went through with the surgery and I don't have any doubts about it. I made my own decision and I stuck with it!

The "Eye Moving" Phoenix

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