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Season Finale: Nine Lives of Chloe King(Spoiler Alert)

I just finished watching the season finale of Nine Lives of Chloe King and I am so upset for the great writers on the show. I'm upset in a good way; it was well written and it makes audiences love every minute. This is a true season finale that uses every minute and it was planned meticulously in hopes that the ratings increase and I feel it will. They tied up every lose end; I’m guessing to satisfy audiences if the show does not return. But I loved the show's concept since the first episode and I'm a true fan of Alek and Chloe they gel well together, but we all know she loves Brian.



So Chloe is in between a relationship with Alek and Brian and I actually like it that way because I like Chloe with both guys. Besides, the guys fulfill different needs, but enough of the boring stuff you want to know what happens. So, Chloe and Brian visit his grandmother and his grandmother hints that Brian's father might be responsible for his mother's death. I already figured that; his father has evil-doer written all over his stolid face and stand off body language when Brian talks about his mother's death. Chloe receives a text message from her dad that takes her away from the conversation with Brian's grandmother. The text message says Chloe's dad is in town and he wants arrange a meeting by their favorite place, the cable carts(seen in the book they made together when Chloe was younger). When Brian returns home he confronts his father and gives him the opportunity to explain the death of his mother but it results in a screaming match filled with no answers (Great!). Brian alarms his father he will not stop looking into the death of his mother(Oh Brian's really serious now). 
        When Chloe gets home she is waiting for her mom to leave on a business dinner, so then she can have a mysterious meeting with her father. Mother's intuition makes Chloe blurt that she's in love with Brian(Duh!!). Then Chloe's mother gives a long loving talk love and how she would be devastated if Chloe gets her heart broken. Chloe should have thought about sneaky Alek because he was in her room listening when she blurted "I'm in love with Brian." Alek feels used and leaves Chloe's room in a flash. Valentina is not as witty as she looks because even though she has a weird feeling about Zane(Jasmine's boyfriend) she lets him into her apartment. Zane lies and says Jasmine told him to wait there for her at her house, when Jasmine is being stood up. Valentina is a chatty box when it comes to talking about the unitor and she doesn't notice Zane is the assassin sent to kill her. When Valentina gets up to get more tea, she gets a text from Jasmine stating Zane has stood her up. As Valentina read the text she is not fast enough for Zane’s arrow that hits her in the back. I had faith in Valentina but she is all talk no game, it was a shame. Valentina falls down slowly while Zane is talking trash to her and says: "I've been waiting to do this for a long time; I've replayed it in my head a thousand times. Now you can watch me kill your daughter, you're not dying yet.” I was heated Zane is mere mortal(I don’t actually know) but Valentina was not ready, not at all. 
Back to Chloe, she heads out the house to meet her father but she is encountered by a distraught Brian. He wants to talk about his shouting match with his father. Chloe tries her best to ditch Brian but he is so persistent and gloomy, she could not resist. Chloe lies and says she's meeting Amy so Brian offers a ride. Chloe sucks at lying good try though. Brian drops Chloe off by the restaurant and goes to pull off but he noticed Chloe in his rearview mirror, running across the street like a robber. Amy and Chloe's so called sidekick are also following Chloe behind Brian's car. With all these Mya powers she could not ditch her love Brian or her best friends(Great Job). Brian is so in love and intrigued by Chloe's secrecy he follows her instead of dropping her off. Chloe reaches the cable carts and she is stopped a scrutinizing Brian who feels she is being secretive. Both of her guys are really letting her have it, this episode and I don't blame them. Brian is such a loyal guy who wants to protect Chloe that he vows to go running after Chloe if she doesn't return in ten minutes. Awe he’s sweet! Yay Brian! As Chloe runs to the cable carts, Jasmine comes home to Valentina propped up on the couch with her backed turned. Remember Valentina is not dead, so with her eyes she sends a signal to Jasmine that Zane is behind her. Thank you Valentina for not being such a loser this episode because I was going to scream at the TV that Valentino is weak. As Jasmine fights Zane, Chloe yells for her father but only runs into a trap. Why would she go there alone; she is really not living up to being the unitor. Chloe fights at least five men and beats all of them especially the big guy from the previous episode the throws Alek against the wall. That guy is huge; he really would have killed Chloe in real life but it's a TV show. Yeah, I forget sometimes. Zane must be an advanced fight because he stabs Jasmine in the stomach with a knife and she falls on he fall facing her mother. What a tragedy, why??? I can't believe this Zane person, ugh; he makes me vomit. Chloe is running away after she beats up the five men; good job Chloe or maybe not. Chloe is ambushed by Brian's father’s henchwoman. I have no idea what her name is, it's the woman Brian's father was sleeping with; it is the woman with short hair from the banquet. Well that woman shot Chloe about five times in her stomach and Chloe falls down on the steps and the mysterious woman with the gun leaves. Brian is still waiting outside but he hears the shots. He is great boyfriend even though they're not dating. Brian runs in the building to check on Chloe who is bleeding. Why doesn't Brian call the cops, I don't know, maybe shock. Brian holds Chloe and says, "I love you.” He kisses Chloe and she opens her eyes and kisses him back; I have not idea how many times Chloe has been killed but this storyline is hinting sleeping beauty. Chloe is so into the moment with Brian that she forgets her kiss will be his last because she continues to kiss him resulting in his death. Ugh, Chloe. Alek walks into Valentina and Jasmine’s home to see Zane holding a bloody knife. Alek yells "I am going to kill you” and Zane replies, "That's not how you greet your brother." What ? What ? What/ ? What ? My head started spinning; I couldn't comprehend.

1. Jasmine is probably dead
2. Brian is definitely dead
3. Zane is Alek's brother
4. Somehow, Chloe is fine.
5. Valentina is sedated with poison

Last bit, Amy and her so called sidekick run into the building to find Chloe lying next to a dead Brian. Chloe’s mother's business dinner is with Brian's father who is getting a cab for Chloe's mom. And Chloe’s father is probably dead because Brian’s grandmother made they cable cart story and burns the book in her fire place.

Please ABC Family keep Nine Lives of Chloe King. I love that show!!!!!! Even though they tied up all loose ends.

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