Sunday, August 28, 2011

Video Premiere: How To Love

I'm not a fan of the new Lil' Wanye but that's only my opinion and everyone is entitled to having one regardless of disagreement. But when I first heard "How To Love", I thought this was interesting because it was not the typical Wanye song I heard on the radio. I tried to listen to the content and analyze the lyrics but I could not do it because my brain already had a negative opinion. But when the video premiered about three days ago, I gave him a second chance. And I absolutely love it! It has a story and it has a purpose. It is depressing as much as it is true. I love how they showed the girl's life and then they showed how her life could have been. So, it did not end on such a negative note. My interpretation of the video is a girl grows up in a broken home that doesn't show love in it's purest form. Because the girl grows up without love she searches her whole life looking for love in the wrong place. Searching for love leads her to death(she doesn't physically die but inside she has diminished her self-worth.) Even though the video is five minutes, every minute counts.

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