Saturday, August 27, 2011

j. Cole Phone Stolen & Sex Tape Rumour

Two days ago J. Cole tweeted, "To the girl in the front row with the white shirt and pink bra, before I put this footage online  of you stealing my phone out my pocket lol.  Ima let you save the embarrassment and world star fame, by hittin @kingofqueenz or @iamdjdummy so I can get that back ASAP. U got a few hrs." So while J. Cole is performing on stage in Vancouver a fan that he describes on Twitter steals his phone and now there are rumours of  a J. Cole sex tape with Rihanna. Publicity stunt or not ,J. Cole's album is still coming out 9/27. If this was a publicity stunt it's too early, there's still a month left until the album release date. Cole's personality seems so low key and I feel like he respects his girlfriend and it would be devastating if he cheated on her. Many comments on blog sites such as, realtalkny and made comments saying Rihanna is a whore and that she sleeps around. But some people fail to remember if it did not come out of the artist's mouth and you were not with Rihanna during this acts then how do you know. It's disappointing that with fame comes labels but it's not jut fame it's life. Life is full of labels and some match, others don't. To the fan that actually stole the phone, that's bold. There are cameras at all times filming the performances on stage and filming behind the scenes. So I don't understand what the point was except she was a crazed J. Cole fan. But I would not even do that as much as I admire and respect him. 

So, if you were at your favorite artist's concert would you have the guts to steal one of their personal items? 

Why doesn't J. Cole have E or one of his friends hold his phone. He should know by now, the fans love him! 

Rihanna and J. Cole? Love it or Hate it

How does J. Cole's girlfriend feel about the rumour?

Since we're in an economy crisis did she think stealing J. Cole's phone would make money?

Did the fan do this for fame?

Pubicity or Not?

The "J. Cole Fan" Phoenix

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