Friday, August 26, 2011

Adventures of A Junior

Dorm Life On The Hill

On August 25th, I realized that you can check-in early which is great when you thought you were a day early. Yes, this is what happens when you're so busy the days seem to be ahead of you, but being earlier has it perks. No long lines, no running into students with suitcases that they can't move; so the suitcase sits in the walk way. The campus was completely clear and oddly quiet. I walked to the office and met with an official to fill out paperwork and then I walked to my room. Problem, it was on the top floor and I had accumulated more stuff; I was sweating and tired just thinking about. But, at least I moved to a different building and out of that last room I lived in; the last apartment was a travesty. Mold ran down the walls which sweat more than me when I carried my belongings to the top floor. Now, thats lot of wall sweating. The refrigerator in the new apartment is beautiful but my stove is old and sockets on that side do not work. There are holes in the living room wall and the socket in the living room looks like it was patched. The bathroom looks pretty except for the crack in the wall. In my room the window opens; I thank God! Because last semester there was no circulation in my room; windows were nailed shut. I lived in a closed tomb. But I'm pretty much settled in, just have some essential products to pick up and a run to the financial aid office. That should be delightful!!! Yes, for the sarcasm FAMU instills in you when you arrive as a freshman and the heat stroke. Well see you later and Welcome to the Hill!! :)

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