Friday, August 12, 2011

Ultimate Merger 2 With Toccarra

         In 2011 from the ages 14-25, high school freshmen to college graduates, relationships are faltering. A relationships is not as faithful as it used to be and the core values of people within a relationship are not the same as in the 90s. Images from the media are being thrown at audiences faster than kids reading summer books and most of these images are about the make-up of a sexual relationship. Many kids are not instilled with core values and their family consists of no mothers or fathers but actually childhood friends. So, instead of learning from a responsible adult about the rules of a healthy relationship the youth can only confide in TV shows and their peers, which are not reliable sources. But they are sources that can manipulate your relationship with your significant other. Besides information for a healthy relationship being misconstrued, the core values of a man are not as strong. The salaries of women are equally out to the same as men; there are no more boundaries between the duties of men and women. I ask, is that positive or negative? If there are no boundaries than how can a man be a man and how can a woman be a woman? I'm not suggesting women to only be childbearers and domestic workers, no not at all, but let a man be a man. Let a man remember how to be a man, let a man continue to be a man and if all fails teach a man how to be a man. 
        I was watching Toccarra, the super model from ANTM (American's Next Top Model), on her show The Ultimate Merger. It was appalling the type of men depicted on the show. They all had excuses, they could not hold a conversation nor get their stories straight about their place of residency. They were all sorry men or a half of a man. They depended on their body image to depict the strength of a man, which did not help them. It was their personality and lack of character that disgusted me; they had no integrity or morals. And all of these values start with a stable family so can I blame them for growing up unstable? But to have all the men on the show with the same characteristics was very disappointing. This show reinforces negative images of men to men and women across the country, which only continues the cycle. It may be entertaining for the adult crowds but it is damaging your psyche and being repeated in relationships around you. The media can help change the world but instead it is only increasing the ignorance and not solving the problem. Media used to depict certain nationalities in a negative light but now it's all nationalities, which is affecting the quality of our youth. 
          A male YouTuber by the name of sjsafety18 is a YouTuber who post his honest opinions on relationships. His latest video is really what inspired me to blog about men along with the numerous episodes of divorce court. sjsafety18's video answers the question on why men cheat and I love that he takes a more serious approach to this subject because there are so many videos that are comical on YouTube. He sums up the answer of why men cheat with not being able to suppress primal urges, no core values or standards, and inability to relate to others. After watching his video it made me understand why some many women have problems with their spouse in a relationship and why they’re not seeing eye to eye to certain issues. Many women have become so upset with the lack of intergrity within men that they take on the duties of men but it only results in the man relaxing and becoming docile while the women is depicted as overbearing or b*tchy. Media and families need to demand a positive depiction of a family structure, of a wife and of a man because kids are growing up with misinterpretations. Please watch the youtube video from sjsafety18; tell me what you think.

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