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My Six Month Hair Goal
(It looks like a 4 inch difference)

Last Time I Had My Hair Straighten 6/2/2010
Last Time  I Straighten My Hair 1/2010

      Hair Straighten

 For the past two weeks, I have had my hair in two strand twists. I am ready for the six month hair growth challenge. I want my hair to be bra strap length and I have noticed as my hair grows, it seems easier to manage. I might try box braids again but if I do I want to get the wet and wavy hair because it becomes wavy at the ends and it maintains shine. So wish me luck in the six month challenge because sometimes I can't stop playing with my curls! And I am use to them being out instead of in twists or braids. I will probably take a picture of my hair in a month, if I notice growth. I'm so excited it's my first challenge and probably need to get my ends trimmed. I hate trimming but we will see!
I could not  leave my twist in for six months; I became bored. I left them in from august to october 31st. The 31st was actually my friends showcase and I needed to show my twist outs. My twist outs lasted for two weeks. Then I retwisted my hair to take it out on thanksgiving. Then in December I kept my twistouts. I lasted three months. It was so hard! But I also had a year with no heat. I think I will straighten my hair once or twice a year. No heat, low manipulation with plenty of sun and good eating habits results to hair growth.

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