Thursday, September 8, 2011

FAMU NABJ Multimedia Short Course

At  FAMU NABJ Multimedia Short Course on September 8, journalist were enlightened to seize the moment and to continue learning new skills to stand out from the crowd. This was the first day for the participants of the short course who were eager to be apart of the three-day course this year. The presentation opened with Dean Hawkins speaking to the journalist reminding them to stay relevant within journalist because “There’s always room for another good person.” Senior Producer of CNN, Jill Cox-Cordova opening her presentation with the question: “Are you a multi-media journalist?” Jill’s question was actually the answer to staying relevant in journalism. As long as you have skills of a well-rounded journalist you will always be an asset to your company.
            The tips that Jill gave during her presentation were simple but very critical when it comes to journalism.  What I thought was so vital in Jill’s speech is her acronym for YES, which stood for your brand, embrace a support system and skills.  I have never heard of this acronym and I feel it was the most important piece of the presentation. I learned that a solid support system is needed when you have questions, concerns or when you need to relax and get away from life’s stressors. Your brand is yourself because you are marketing your intergrity and knowledge. Knowing how to brand yourself and knowing your strengths is the main intity in the job market. Lastly, skills are something that no one can take away from you. Jill mentions that even if she may lose her job, she still has her skills to continue her journey.  
            Reinventing yourself and being well rounded another topic Jill spoke on when you are a multimedia journalist. You must be a multimedia platform journalist and a multimedia journalist.  A multimedia journalist is a journalist who is skilled in multimedia. This journalist can shoot, edit and produce their own video and write their own script. While a multimedia platform journalist can take one story and present it to all forms of media such as, online, TV,  radio, and print. As a journalist Jill explained that you must be a multimedia and multimedia platform journalist. When someone is talking about journalistic skills, you must be a go-to person for a specific topic but you must also know a little about everything. Be great in one subject and be good in the rest and learn how to do the things you don't know. I learned how to stay relevant in journalism through Jill’s tips. And I am looking forward to being a participant next year of  FAMU NABJ Multimedia Short Course.

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