Tuesday, September 20, 2011

J. Cole Album Leak -_-

While I was posting a Facebook status about J. Cole's album debut on September 27, my friend commented saying "Cole's album leaked -_-." I was upset that someone would leaked after a third year wait with mixtapes in between and tours worldwide,why would you leak it? The album is a week away, one week. People could not wait; we already waited three years. So, what is seven days going to do? True fans, I feel would wait because of the dedication Cole has put into this album. And this is exactly what I will do; I will wait to review the album because I respect his craft. I would be upset if I produce an album and before the date people are riding around listening to it and posting links to download the album. Cole's response to the album leak was featured in Vibe Magazine and he said:"I feel blessed. There’s been worse leaks than that so I understand it’s a part of the game, I always understood that. As long as people hear it together, it’s cool,” he said. “And I just know that the people who are going to buy it were going to buy it anyways. The people who weren’t probably weren’t, anyways. If anything, the leak will reach out to more people who might be like ‘ah man, let’s go get this.' So you know, it's kind of like promotion these days—if you got a good album. If you don't have a good album—they'll just trash you.”

I know some fans will still purchase the album so I can't say anything about that because you will still support Cole. So what do you guys think download or wait? Fake Fans or Excited Fans?

The 'Patient' Phoenix

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