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J. Cole, first signed artist to Roc Nation, album is debuting in seventeen days. So it is my pleasure to start the seventeen day countdown by posting my top seventeen songs from J. Cole. Songs will be from the Warm Up, Come Up, Friday Night Lights, Any Given Sunday, and songs that didn't make the mixtape. So the seventeenth song is "Dead Presidents" from "The Warm Up." Dead Presidents has the nineties old school vibe because Cole raps over Nas' Dead Presidents which just sends chills just while listening to it.






Favorite Lines

1. Uh, these n*ggas is playing Russian roulette with a full clip, foolish. My crew is fooless naw we don't dance all we do is stay two steps ahead. 

2.It's dope, then you should know the suppliers name
It's J. Cole, set of horns and a halo.

3. Not if I had a ladder or not even if I had a rope
I'd climb that m*therf*cker to the top and never let it go!

4. Ahead of my time like I live my whole life backwards.

5. I'm pass these n*ggas, they trynna do it how these other n*ggas did it
I'm trynna live it how no other n*ggas ever lived it!

 Personal Explanation

1. Cole is referring to certain young guys in his neighborhood and he compares them to himself and his friends. He describes his friends are people that are sharp because they stay two steps ahead of every situation and he says they are not knuckleheads. He calls the guys in his neighbor foolish and relates their actions in life to the playing Russian roulette: foolish. Because while playing this game you're threatening your life and you will die but you are shortening your life every time you play the game.

2. He is just stating his name if you don't know it but I like how he describes both sides of himself by referencing a horn and a halo. The devil and an angel and this is so true because no one is one sided, we have our evil side and we have our good side, like a double sided coin.

3. This shows his dedication to whatever he is trying to achieve. No mater what obstacle he believes he will overcome it because he refuses to let go, no matter what. Besides not letting go he will reach the top so he will never stop climbing.

4. Great Metaphor! If you grow up ahead of your time you would be considered backwards. Let me explain, ahead of your time means you're at the forefront early but according to society you're not suppose to be ahead already. You're living backwards because you are at you're destination instead of starting your destination. So, you are backwards strictly because you are early.

5. Cole is beyond trying to do what everyone else has achieve so he is past their goals. He is thinking outside of the box and he is doing what no one has did, so he is making his own path instead of following other peoples' path.

The "Cole" Phoenix

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