Friday, September 9, 2011

One Saturday Morning!

As I scrolled through my email I noticed a reply to my message to Inspire Magazine 2011 Virtual Internship. This was my second attempt to get this internship; the first time was second semester last year.  The School of Journalism and Graphic Communications at Florida A&M sent me an email about the interest meeting for Inspire Magazine. When I arrived at the meeting and listened to the editor Lee Jones, I realized his goals were my goals. I became very excited and anxious because I could feel I was in the right place at the right time. After I introduced myself, he pointing out that spoke well and clearly. I thought that was a hint saying that I had potential. So, I walked out of the meeting with confidence that I would get a call back. I knew what with all my heart that I made it; I envisioned it. But a two weeks passed and no reply. Other students asked did I get the internship and replied "No I did not." I was a little of distraught because I had high hopes and I believed I made it. So a year later I thought why not try again and so what if they say no at least you made an attempt. This year I could not attend the meeting but I emailed Lee Jones stating that I needed an application. He emailed me the linked and I filled it out. Once I sent it back I didn't dwell on it; I said what is done is done.
           On Saturday morning I checked my email for other internships and scholarships. The reply for Inspire Magazine 2011 Virtual Internship stuck out in my email box like a sore thumb. I clicked on it. 

When I read it the first time I looked for the words saying I made it. It did not exactly you made it but it does say your intern acceptance letter is attached. I kept repeating "I made it; I made it!" It was a great feeling to know that interning this summer was rewarding and it opened doors to other opportunities. I was not sure if my clip would be good enough to send for the internship but it was good enough because it worked! So wish me luck; I'm so excited for this opportunity to become a great writer and to share with readers inspiring stories. I will definitely post my articles after they are published. To find more information about Inspire Magazine please click here Inspire Magazine is broader than a publication; they are here to serve the people, here to serve the readers. 

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