Friday, June 14, 2013

Intern Day Off: Touring DC without Internet

So maybe this is barbaric to people with 4g and the latest iPhone, but I don't have internet on my phone.  Yes! you read it correctly, it's not a typo. Yesterday I was trying to get to this networking event at the Eden Lounge on 1716 I Street. Looking back I should have just asked someone at the station. I was on 900 and I street thinking I wasn't far. Umm, yeah I was far so I proceeded to take a cab which never stop for me because other people were quickly getting in and driving off. It was getting hotter and was agitated. I called the club and no one answered. Sigh. I had missed two meetups which were mapped out from google on my laptop for a spur of the moment networking party. I don't know what's worse missing both or not having internet. So, readers I give the question to you. Should I 

A. pay for internet this summer 

B. Just ask at the train station every time I'm lost.

The "No I Don't Have Internet"Phoenix

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