Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Interning in DC: Day 2

At 2:27 you can see me in the corner taking notes on the hearing! 

This morning I took a different exit and it was much closer so I might take that exit from now on but it was not the exit I was looking for. It great discovering things on your own by yourself and being independent. I love that in DC I have to rely on my instincts and I feel as though I'll become a better person. 

Rayburn Office Building, Vistingdc.com

I arrived to office around 9am because there was a 10am hearing at the Rayburn House Office Building in Capitol Hill. Hearings in the Capitol happen from Tuesday to Thursday and I was attending my first one. The Rayburn Building has beautiful archieture like all buiidings in DC. I left the office with Charlotte Tucker at 9:15 and it took about 15 minutes or less to get there from 800 I street. It only cost $7.00 which I felt was reasonable. 

When we arrived at the entrance it resemble the airport with metal detectors. You are not allowed to bring water or food into the building. As we walked in everyone was dressed in business attire. I felt important as we walked the halls; I felt like I fit in. Most importantly I was not intimitated and I felt like I was in a familiar place. As we entered room 2175 I was in awe again at the architecture, the high ceilings and bright lights. Charlotte said it was made for tv(the lighting). 

In hearings I enjoy listening to the way people speak to each other. It's boarderline rude and sarcastic yet it's still professonial. They blend it so well that you can't call them on it, what could you possible say about their tone. Nothing really. I would like to learn how to speak like that; it's so intriguing. They argue so professionally.

During lunchtime I met some people in the finance department who gave me good career advice. They told me I was young; too young to wait year until I get my masters. I unsure whether or not I should get my masters and if I should wait a year after I obtain my bachelors degree. They were wise, genuine and persuasive. I could tell they loved influencing young people and they were glad to see a young African-American woman.

I decided my lunch hour became words of wisdom and that I needed to take in as much as my brain could hold. They gave me rules to follow as an intern:

1. Even though you're an intern, do not let anyone use you as a door mat.
2. Ask a lot of questions
3. Express how you feel.
4. Make sure your daily task match your career.

I'm really glad I decided to apply and I continued to dream. At this moment I knew I was suppose to in DC at this time. I was present, in that moment.

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