Saturday, June 15, 2013

Intern Weekend: Krav Maga

On Thursday, my day off as I was heading back to Maryland a women handed my a flyier. Usually when I'm in Tallahassee I throw them away because it's never something off my interest. But this was self-defense and kicking boxing. My mom's voice entered my head you need to learn self-defense. It was a open house workshop. I had nothing to lose and I could meet new people. Krav Maga is located in Chinatown right next to the MetroStation. 

If you're in the DC area and you'll only be here for the summer take the classes. They're only $20 for one month. It's a student summer special. You can take classes up to three times a week. That's 12 classes(one-hour sessions) for $20. It's a good deal. A great way to learn how to protect yourself and stay in shape.

This was my first time kickboxing. I'm sorry I have no pictures (tears) of me kickboxing. I'll ask someone to take them when I start classes. There were three sessions at the open house: kicking boxing, women's self defense and self-defense against weapons. 

The kick-boxing session was with DJ Stephens. He's highly energetic and played club music while we kick-boxed. It's good because it gives you energy and changes your state of mind as you punch the bag, squat and do push-ups.

The second session was women's self-defense with Carol Middleton who is the director. Middleton has been a guest in TV shows such as Good Morning America and the Today Show. We talked about prevention and the importance of deescalating an argument. 


1. Walk with confidence and awareness
2. Wear you purse across your body opposed to on the shoulders


1. Talk calmly
2. Do not tell the person they're wrong
3. Provide suggestions to make the situation better

*There's an acronym but I don't remember it at this time*

The last was self-defense against weapons. Guns, knives and sticks were apart of the demonstration. We only practiced with knives. It was a lot of fun because Krav Maga takes your initial instincts and changes them into a way to protect yourself. I'm really excited to go back and because the class is interactive you'll remember the moves.

The "Self-defensing" Phoenix    

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