Friday, June 21, 2013

DC Summer: It's My 22nd Birthday

It's Friday, I don't intern on Fridays and it's my birthday. What shall I do? I went to Columbia Heights and I stumbled upon  The Museum of Unnatural History. I found out it's not a museum, but it's a center for kids to learn how to read and write. The high schoolers short stories are published in a book. It was amazing! I wished I knew about this in middle school or high school when I was still living in New York. The museum has a New York location as well. I thought about volunteering, but I was limited on funds to go to Columbia Heights on fridays. I spoke to the lady at the front desk who was a former journalist and during her graduate days she interned at the International Journalism Network. She was in Africa for a few months. I'm really interested in international journalism and ways to impact the public around the globe through fitness, wellness and motivational speaking. She told me if i go to graduate school it would be beneficial if I signed up for a fellowship. 

I told her about interning with American Public Health Association and my interest in health. She said I had a great aspiring for being so young and that's when I said, "Well today is actually my birthday, I just turned 22." She gave me a blue spider, the kind your art teacher gives you in elementary. Then she bought me a cupcake from  Sticky Fingers Bakery. I bought a carrot cupcake and it was delicious. These tasty treats are 100% vegan, dairy and lactose free. It was really nice of her and the workers at Sticky Fingers put a candle in it. I had my first birthday wish! 

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