Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer DC Intern: Weekend, Writing and Dancing

So my mom has told me about Meet up in the past and I went on there but it looked awkward. It felt like Facebook yet creepier. Based on my assumptions I never went on the site again until this morning. I wanted to meet like minded people and hang some friends hang out with in DC. I found a writers group because I'm a poet at Florida A&M University. Voices Poetry Group to be exact. I made it there but I was late and they still welcomed me so I didn't feel as awkward. This social networking world it's so strange yet exciting and slightly creepy. But the writer's group was cool I did some exercises that made my writing look foreign to myself. There were a lot of experienced writers, very seasoned. 

CentroNia community center 

Art project by the kids located outside the elevator

After I left the writers workshop at CentroNia and headed to the Kizomba Meet Up at Bloombar's in Columbia Heights. It's really small place which makes meeting people intimate because everyone is on top of each other. 

Vimeo: Picture of Bloombar 

Group picture with dance instructor Adoree from Canada and Zindze from DC.

Kizomba is a dance from Angola, Africa. It reminds me of salsa and merengue but it's more sensual. 

I'm really glad I went and after I went to a Mexican restaurant called Alero Mexican Restaurant on 14th street near the Columbia Heights Metro Station. They have good plantains and the chips will fill you up., outside of Alero, inside Alero 

The lighting is dim and it reminds me of a hookah bar. Waiters are very attentive and food is a reasonable price.   

The "DC Traveling" Phoenix

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