Monday, June 3, 2013

First Day Interning

This is my first day in Washington, DC and it reminds me of being in New York City. It's so similar especially the train station. I like that it's really easy to travel around. The best part is my stop is not far away from the American Public Health Association. I arrived at 9am and I had an hour to spare which went by rather quickly. The building has six floors and I wasn't sure where I'd be stationed so I approached the receptionist. She said, "You must be Precious." I asked, "How do you know?" She said ,"Just a guess." The view is really nice well, it's just another building but it's still nice. It feels good to be on my own and having an adventure but with my career. I'm really elated that I applied and that I was accepted. 
There's a give and take which is the cost. I spent $50 per week for traveling to DC. It really sounds incorrect because it seems like a lot for a week. I will check into that because the just doesn't add up. I am saving money by bringing my lunch and I'm applying for a part-time job while I'm here; I just can't be penniless in the fall. 

My first day consisted of becoming familiar with the office and learning some of my duties as an intern. I will be working with the communications departments, Public Relations and The Nation's Health. The great thing about working with both departments is learning more about public relations and still being a journalist. I believe this will make me more marketable when I obtain my journalism degree.
As far as traveling I got off at another exit this morning; it wouldn't have a big  deal if I didn't have to pay extra for that mistake. The exit was not that far off; I just walked extra blocks. It was also a chance to sightsee. I tried to not act like a tourist.  

The Metro Card

They had an AP Stylebook already there! There's my official name tag.

The view behind my desk

My desk 

Office Picture

The "DC Intern" Phoenix

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